Dec 6, 2017, 11:16 PM
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Iran condemns US decision to move embassy to Beit ul-Muqaddas

Tehran, Dec 6, IRNA – Iran’s Foreign Ministry in a statement on Wednesday strongly denounced the US move to transfer its embassy from Tel Aviv to the occupied Beit ul-Muqaddas as the capital of the Zionist regime, describing it as flagrant violation of the international resolutions.

'The City of Quds which houses The Al-Aqsa Mosque as the first Qibla for Muslims, is the inseperable part of Palestine and is considered one of the three sacred Islamic sites, enjoying a special status for Muslims,' read the statement.

'It is a public knowledge that the Zionist regime has taken various actions to extend full dominance on the city including driving out its main inhabitants, occupying estates and lands, Judization the city with the aim of changing its population make-up, demolishing holy Islamic monuments and relics, desecration of the Al-Aqsa Mosque through paving the way for the hardline Jews to enter the holy site, setting restrictions to the Muslims’ pilgrimage and attending congregational prayers and trampling on Palestinians civil rights,' the statement added.

it continued,' Iran has always underlined that the major reason behind disruption of the Middle East’s security and stability is to continue occupation and US’ tendentious supports to the Zionist regime and to deny Palestinians primary rights to set up an independent country with the Holy Quds being its capital.'
In a move against the overwhelming global opposition, US President Donald Trump has declared US recognition of the holy city of Quds as the capital of the Zionist regime.

“Despite US and its allies’ futile efforts to impose a compromising solution, the Palestinian nation’s least demands were not met. Furthermore, continuation of building settlements and further occupation of lands and desecration of the holy sites with the US’ support to the Zionist regime and indifference of the international organizations have blocked the way for the Palestinian nation to achieve their righteous demands,” read Iran’s Foreign Ministry statement.

It added, “The provocative and unwise decision by the US to recognize the Holy Quds as the integrated capital of the Zionist regime will not contribute to regional peace and stability; rather it will enrage the Muslims and fan the flames of a new Intifada, prompting violent acts for which the US and Zionist regime should stand accountable.”

“Since the city of Quds is considered an occupied land in view of the international resolutions, the US move to recognize it as the capital of Israel is flagrant breach of international resolutions. Therefore, the Islamic Republic of Iran strongly condemns the move, urging all international influential circles to prevent fulfillment of the US decision and help maintain stability in the region,” the statement said.

It concluded saying “Expressing full solidarity with the Palestinian nation, the Islamic Republic once again stressed the main responsibility of the international community, UN in particular, to end occupation of Palestine and the Holy Quds and help the nation to achieve their undisputable rights.”


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