Mustafa Prize winner calls for Muslims' cooperation to influence world

Tehran, Dec 4, IRNA – Ex-recipient of Mustafa Prize Jackie Yi-Ru Ying urged Muslims to have cooperation to influence the world.

'I think the Muslims need to work together and make a great impact not only on the Islamic World but for the entire world. It is important that the entire world see the Muslims are making contributions to impact the quality of life as well as areas like healthcare and energy and this is so important that you will create a better world for everybody,' Ying told the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) Saturday at 2017 Mustafa Prize Award ceremony in Tehran elaborating on the major problems that Muslims are dealing with in the entire world.

'I think there are many good scientists among Muslims, but their works have not contained the visibility that it deserves; what is really important is that the Muslim scientists choose to work in areas that can really make very distinct impact,” she added.

“It is important not only to publish well but to create valuable intellectual properties, inventions and innovations that can really transform the way that we do things for example providing much better healthcare, much more affordable energy and pure water in affordable manner,' she said offering strategies and approaches to be taken to solve Muslims' problems.

Referring on Mustafa Prize as an international event, she said, ' Mustafa Prize is very unique since it not only recognizes good science but it really emphasizes the application of this science not only in basic research but more importantly in innovation and inventions and this is really important because I think while you can do good research and have nice publications, it is much more impactful if you can successfully bring this research to translation, clinical practice and commercialization.'

Elsewhere in her remarks, she commented on fall of Daesh terrorists in the region saying, 'The Middle East has tremendous potential for growth if it has peace and stability. How everybody works together ensures peace and stability which is an important topic.'

Responding to a question as regard conditions of Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar she said, 'As a scientist, I am concerned about the state of the refugee camps and it is really disturbing all the things that are happening. I am particularly worried about how infectious diseases can break out in these camps and the violation of human rights and I think something really needs to be done and it is important that the UN and various countries take] steps and do something about it.'

In December 2015, Ying (from Singapore) was announced as one of the recipients of the inaugural 2015 Mustafa Prize awarded by the Mustafa Science and Technology Foundation. She was awarded the 'Top Scientific Achievement' award for 'her great scientific and technological contributions and achievements to the synthesis of well-designed advanced nanostructured materials and systems, nanostructured biomaterials and miniaturized biosystems for various interesting applications.


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