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Yemen conducts new joint operation with Iraq’s Islamic resistance

Tehran, IRNA – The Yemeni armed forces have confirmed yet another joint operation with the Islamic Resistance in Iraq against the positions of the Zionist regime, including in the occupied Palestinian territories.

According to IRNA citing a report from the Al-Masirah news network, Spokesman of Yemen's Armed Forces Brigadier General Yahya Saree made the announcement about a special joint operation on Wednesday night.

"We carried out a special operation in the Red Sea using unmanned boats, ballistic missiles and drones against a ship called Tutor, which could damage the vessel and caused it to sink," Saree said, adding that “our armed forces warn all companies about the consequences of cooperating with the Israeli enemy and their ships entering the ports of occupied Palestine”.The Yemeni spokesman said the Israeli ports of Ashdod and Haifa in  the occupied territories were also targeted with cruise missiles and drones jointly with the Islamic Resistance on Wednesday night.

This is second joint operations by the Yemeni army with the Islamic Resistance in Iraq against Israeli targets in the region. Yemen has, time and again, said that its operations will continue as long as the Gaza war continues.

The Islamic Resistance, in a statement on Thursday morning also confirmed its joint operation against the targets of the Zionist regime with the armed forces of Yemen.

According to Al Jazeera, the umbrella group of Iraqi resistance factions announced that vital targets of the Zionists were hit in Ashdod and Haifa by drones.

Meanwhile, a British security firm, Ambrey and other shipping sources confirmed the Red Sea incident, saying a Greek-owned and Liberia-flagged cargo ship was struck off the Yemeni port of Hudaydah. Some sources say the vessel sank after sustaining damage.

In recent months, the Yemeni army has targeted dozens of Israeli ships or ships bound for the occupied territories in the Red Sea and the Bab al-Mandab Strait in support of Palestinians in Gaza who have been facing the Israeli genocide since October last year.

The latest anti-Israel operations came just hours after American and British warplanes pounded western Yemen in yet another act of aggression against the Arab country over its support for the Palestinians in war-ravaged Gaza.

According to the Yemeni media, the city of al-Tahita and Al-Jabanah region in Hudaydah Province were the target of Wednesday’s attacks.

The United States and Britain have been targeting Yemen under the pretext of maritime security but Yemen and geopolitical analysts say the aggression of the two countries is aimed at safeguarding Israeli interests in the region.

In retaliation, however, the Yemeni armed forces have also hit American and British vessels, including their warships in the Red and Arabian Seas in recent months.


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