Islamic Jihad looks at Biden's ceasefire comment with 'suspicion'

Tehran, IRNA- The Palestinian Islamic Jihad movement has said it "looks with suspicion" at an Israeli ceasefire plan presented by US President Joe Biden, but added the Palestinian resistance will assess any proposal that guarantees an end to the genocide in the Gaza Strip.

"We will evaluate any proposal that guarantees the cessation of genocide against the Palestinian people and meets the demands of the resistance forces," the Islamic Jihad said in a statement on Saturday.

The statement came a day after the US president claimed that the Israeli regime had made a three-part proposal to establish a six-week ceasefire in Gaza.

The Islamic Jihad said the proposal makes it appear as if the White House has changes its position, but it remains "completely biased" towards the Israeli regime and continues being a partner in its crimes.

"Washington is confronting and threatening all international institutions that are seeking to condemn the enemy," it added.

Palestinian resistance has made it clear that it will only accept a ceasefire deal that would end the Israeli aggression in Gaza and result in a compel withdrawal of the occupying forces from the enclave.


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