May 27, 2024, 8:39 AM
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South Africans hold massive pro-Palestine rally

May 27, 2024, 8:39 AM
News ID: 85490535
South Africans hold massive pro-Palestine rally

Tehran, IRNA – Thousands of South Africans poured into the streets in support of Gaza and Palestine and chanted against Israel and the war.

According to the Palestinian media, the demonstrations were held in Cape Town.

The South African government has also adopted extensive measures in support of the oppressed people of Gaza in recent months in condemning the Zionist regime in international bodies, an action that perhaps many Islamic and Arab countries were unable to do.

In a courageous move, South Africa filed a complaint against the Zionist regime at the International Court of Justice (ICJ).

Israel launched its offensive in Rafah on May 7 in defiance of international calls not to proceed. The city sheltered some 1.4 million Palestinians before the regime started its military operation, of whom nearly 800,000 have now been displaced, according to the ICJ.

South Africa’s case calling for a halt to the Rafah offensive is part of a lawsuit the country filed against Israel at the UN's top court in late December over the regime’s genocide in Gaza.

The Hague-based court ordered the regime in January to stop its genocide in the Palestinian territory.


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