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Several European countries back ICC warrants for Zionist PM, others

Tehran, IRNA – Several European countries, including France, Belgium and Slovenia have announced their support for a decision by the International Criminal Court (ICC) to issue arrest warrants for Prime Minister of Zionist regime, Benjamin Netanyahu and others over crimes committed in the besieged Gaza Strip.

Al Jazeera cited a statement from the French Foreign Ministry on Tuesday night that said: “Paris supports the International Criminal Court, its independence and the fight against impunity in all circumstances”.

“The perpetrators of the crimes committed in Gaza must be tried at the highest level without regard to their status and position”, the statement further said.

Belgian Foreign Minister Hadja Lahbib who hails from a family of Algerian origin also wrote on her social media account X that “Brussels declares its full support for the International Criminal Court”.

“Those who committed crimes in Gaza should be prosecuted at the highest level regardless of the perpetrators”, he mentioned in her post.

Several European countries back ICC warrants for Zionist PM, others

The Foreign Ministry of Slovenia also posted a message on X social media backing the ICC move to arrest those responsible for Gaza bloodshed.

“The perpetrators who have committed war crimes and crimes against humanity in the Gaza Strip since October 7, 2023 must be prosecuted independently and impartially without exception and attention to their status and position”, the statement said.

In the continuation of the statement, the Slovenian ministry stated: “We declare our unconditional support to the International Criminal Court and we believe that dealing with the perpetrators of war crimes in the Gaza Strip is very important to prevent the continuation of these crimes and ensure peace”.

According to IRNA, the German Foreign Ministry also announced in a statement that like other international courts, Berlin respects the independence and procedures of The Hague-based ICC.

On Monday, Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court, Karim Ahmad Khan said he submitted a request to issue an arrest warrant for Netanyahu and several other senior Israeli officials.

Several European countries back ICC warrants for Zionist PM, others

In a statement issued after more than seven months of war in Gaza, the ICC prosecutor said: He had reasonable grounds based on evidence collected and examined by his office to believe that Netanyahu and Netanyahu and other senior officials of the regime bear criminal responsibility for war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Meanwhile, news sources reported on Wednesday morning that if Netanyahu's arrest warrant is issued by the International Criminal Court, he will no longer be able to travel to 124 countries.

According to IRNA citing a Palestinian news site, if the ICC judges issue the international arrest warrant for Netanyahu and his war minister Yoav Gallant, they will be banned from traveling to Germany, Holland, Greece, France, Japan, Spain and the Occupied West Bank among 124 countries that are signatories to the Rome Statue.


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