Iran president urges global community to aid Palestinians in Gaza

Tehran, IRNA - In a message marking the World Red Cross and Red Crescent Day, Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi once again called on the global community to help send humanitarian aid to the besieged Gaza Strip.

In his message, which was read out by the president of the Iranian Red Crescent Society during a ceremony on Wednesday, President Raisi condemned  the Zionist regime for obstructing life-saving aid and primary health and medical services to Palestinians in Gaza.

He urged the international community and all awakened human consciences to come to the aid of the oppressed Palestinian nation and alleviate the suffering of residents of Gaza.

"This year, we are celebrating World Red Cross and Red Crescent Day while the people of Gaza are living under the most difficult conditions and are deprived of access to water, food, medicine and basic medical and health facilities," Raisi said.

The Iranian president said that Iran's Red Crescent Society was ready to send humanitarian aid to Gaza, but was facing "obstruction by the Zionist regime".

He regretted that the ruthless Israeli regime has not even spared members of international humanitarian organizations in its months-long aggression in Gaza.


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