Apr 3, 2024, 4:46 PM
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Israeli regime and aggression on Iran embassy

Apr 3, 2024, 4:46 PM
News ID: 85434025
By Mohsen Pakaein
Israeli regime and aggression on Iran embassy

The aggressive action taken by Israel in its attack on the consular section of the Islamic Republic of Iran Embassy in Damascus, resulting in the martyrdom  of 13 Iranian consular personnel and diplomats along with Syrian staff, constitutes a blatant violation of international norms and regulations. Firstly, it entails the invasion of the capital of a sovereign nation, and secondly, it involves an assault on a diplomatic facility, both of which are contrary to accepted international norms.

The United States is the main supporter of Israel in all the crimes that Netanyahu commits against humanity. Israel does nothing without US consent. The targeted killings of IRGC commanders for the first time by the US began with the assassination of martyr Gen. Qassem Soleimani.

Today, the Zionist regime is facing significant challenges and has engaged in acts of genocide and violations of international laws due to its extensive crimes in Gaza. The recent resolution of the United Nations Security Council against this regime, which was not even vetoed by the United States, underscores Israel's precarious situation. On the other hand, despite all the crimes it has committed, the Israeli regime has failed both on the battlefield and in the diplomatic arena.

Over the past days, we witnessed that despite claiming that al-Shafa hospital harbored Hamas forces, Israeli forces withdrew from the hospital empty-handed and with a bag full of crimes. The Zionists have also faced many attacks from resistance in Lebanon,  with Hezbollah destroying at least 68 Zionist settlements. The Zionists are also the target of attacks by the Yemenis and they themselves announced that Eilat, the third-largest city in the occupied territories, being left in ruins.

These conditions, in addition to the economic blockade in the Red Sea, have made Israel seek to expand the scope of the war to convince the United States and Europe to deliver more military assistance.

The attacks on Damascus and the diplomatic premises of the Islamic Republic of Iran serve as symbols of the Zionist regime's disregard for international norms and its defiance of the global community. Such aggressive actions ultimately lead to nothing but death and decay. Of course, the result of such suicidal action is nothing but death and decay. In response to these crimes, the Syrian government must take decisive action both diplomatically and through other means to uphold its obligation to safeguard diplomatic missions.

Furthermore, the international community must condemn Israel's actions in forums such as the United Nations Security Council and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation. The targeting of diplomatic facilities represents one of the most egregious violations of international law. Such measures show that Israel's deterrence power has been completely exhausted, and as Ben-Gurion, the theorist of this regime, announced years ago, when the regime's deterrence power is exhausted, one should wait for its decline and destruction.

Such suicide attempts by Israel also show the very fragile state of this regime. Continued attacks by the resistance axis, coupled with comprehensive support from Muslim nations, are imperative to bring about the downfall of Israel. The officials of the Islamic Republic of Iran will undoubtedly take appropriate action after thoroughly evaluating the various dimensions of this latest terrorist act.


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