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Iran supports ratification of UN resolution on combatting Islamophobia

New York, IRNA – Iran has stressed its full support for the ratification of a draft resolution on “measures to combat Islamophobia” at the United Nations.

Amir Saeed Iravani, the Permanent Representative of the Islamic Republic of Iran to the United Nations, read out a statement before the vote on the resolution on Friday, expressing Iran’s full support for the resolution.

The full text of the statement follows:  

Mr. President;

Allow me to reiterate our full support to the initiative proposed by the members of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation to undertake follow up measures to address the growing trend of intolerance and prejudice against Islam and Muslims worldwide, which is a daunting challenge to the international community.

Over the past few decades, harmful stereotypes and prejudices regarding Muslims and Islam have been constantly reinforced by certain media outlets, politicians and influencers of popular culture; And numerous discriminatory practices implemented in various parts of the world, aimed at preventing Muslims from living in accordance with their belief system.

In such critical moment, it is important to ensure that the United Nations remains united against attempts to embrace Islamophobia, and such measures as Muslim travel bans, burning Quran, and bans on the hijab and Muslim symbols.

We are of the firm belief that proposed arrangements in draft resolution, including decision to appoint a United Nations Special Envoy to combat Islamophobia will assist the organization, in mobilizing efforts to combat these overgrowing challenges;

Equally important, it is necessary for this Assembly to strongly condemn violent acts against religious symbols and holy book of Muslims. Desecration of the Holy books, is already recognized by the General Assembly as a violation of international law, and it is deeply offensive and disrespectful. They are indeed acts of incitement, hostility and violence that shall be criminalized and prohibited by law in national levels, to prevent and establish accountability for such acts.

It is unfortunate that such acts take place in countries that claim the establishment and enforcement of the rule of law; and it is reprehensible that such actions are justified under the guise of freedom of expression.

We regret that despite best efforts of the OIC to garner consensus, the Member States of the European Union have tabled amendments, which directly affect the core objectives of the draft resolution aimed at combating Islamophobia worldwide.

Iran aligns its position with the OIC members and strongly objects these amendments and urges entire members to vote against them.

We will continue to demand all Member States to shoulder their responsibilities and live up to their legal obligations in order to advance the shared values of peaceful coexistence, tolerance and mutual understanding. Let us keep striving for justice, dignity and inclusion for our Muslim brothers and sisters and for all humankind.


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