Mar 5, 2024, 12:12 AM
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Gaza Information Office: Famine threatens lives of 700,000 Palestinians in northern Gaza

Tehran- IRNA- The government information office in Gaza warned about the deepening of the famine in the Gaza Strip and announced: By preventing aid from entering the northern Gaza Strip, the Zionist regime's army has caused 700,000 Palestinians in this area to face the risk of death.

According to the Palestinian news agency Sama, the government information office in Gaza did not consider dropping aid from airplanes as an ideal solution to end hunger in the Gaza Strip and emphasized that the only solution in this regard is the reopening of the crossings and the daily entry of 1,000 trucks carrying humanitarian aid to this area.

The government center of the Gaza Strip also announced that the suspension of sending aid to northern Gaza amounts to the execution of a death sentence against 700,000 Palestinians in this region.


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