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‘All key centers of Israel within reach of Hezbollah missiles and drones’

Tehran, IRNA – Senior Hezbollah Official Sheikh Ali Damoush has warned the Israeli regime against waging a large-scale war on Lebanon, saying that key Israeli centers are within the reach of missiles and drones of the Lebanese resistance movement.

“The Lebanese Islamic resistance has become powerful thanks to achievements and sacrifices by its martyrs and fighters. The enemy is very afraid of a large-scale confrontation with Lebanon’s Hezbollah because it is aware of the power of the resistance”, said Damoush, the deputy chairman of Hezbollah's executive council, according to a Monday IRNA report citing Al-Ahed News website.

“The enemy knows well that missiles and drones of the resistance [movement] can reach all key centers of the Israeli regime and any location in the occupied territories”, he added.

The resistance official also noted that it would be an illusion and a serious mistake on the part of the enemy if it thinks that it can force Hezbollah to retreat and submit to its conditions through threatening, intensifying attacks, destruction and killing forces as well as families, women and children.

The comments came as fighting has been ranging on between Hezbollah and the Israeli military at Lebanon’s southern border in the past weeks amid the regime’s continued bloodshed against Palestinians in Gaza.

The regime has also struck southern Lebanese towns, leaving civilian casualties while threatening to wage a full-scale war on the country over Hezbollah attacks in support of the Palestinians in Gaza.

The Hezbollah official said that the movement will not abandon its responsibility to defend Lebanon and the Gaza Strip, adding that Israeli attacks cannot change the rules of the conflict as the regime is already in a losing position.

Israeli authorities have resorted to asking mediators to help bring an end to the resistance’s operations in southern Lebanon to ensure the security of settlers in the northern occupied territories, Damoush noted.

He stressed that Hezbollah will continue fighting in the south, will react strongly to attacks against civilians, and will respond in kind to intensified attacks, destruction, and killings.


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