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Raisi lauds Iranians' participation in Islamic Revolution anniv. rallies

Tehran, IRNA - Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi in a message has lauded the Iranian nation's participation in nationwide rallies marking the 45th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution victory.

The Iranian nation, as always, with its significant presence, thwarted enemies' calculations, President Raisi said on Sunday.

This show of empathy, which was manifested on the eve of the upcoming elections, shows that the Iranian nation wants to once again play an active role in determining their destiny, he added.

Earlier on Sunday, Raisi expressed his appreciation for those who contributed to the victory of the 1979 Islamic Revolution, saying the nation chose honor over humiliation through the Revolution.

He stated that the Islamic Republic of Iran stands as the most independent country in the world today, maintaining a stance that is neither aligned with the East nor the West.

On this significant occasion, the Islamic Republic still reaffirms its commitment to the policy of "Neither East, Nor West", he noted.

The president emphasized that the Islamic Revolution continues to progress, undeterred by any obstacles.

The celebration of the Islamic Revolution anniversary is not merely a ceremonial event; it embodies an ideology that envisions both the present and the future of Islamic Iran, he said.


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