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Israeli regime scared of Hezbollah's new game-changing missile: Report

Tehran, IRNA – Lebanese Resistance Movement Hezbollah, which has been engaged in clashes with the Israeli regime since early October in support of the Palestinians in Gaza, has recently used a new missile that has deeply worried the Israeli military because of its advanced capabilities, a report shows.

According to a Saturday report by Iraq-based Alahad TV, the Almas 1 (Diamond 1) missile has attracted the attention of Israeli media and analysts after it was publicly unveiled by Hezbollah during its last week attack on an Israeli military base at the border between the occupied territories and southern Lebanon.

Israeli newspaper Haaretz has said in a report that the new missile is an anti-tank guided missile with advanced capabilities.  

It said that those capabilities enable the missile “to be launched at a target outside the direct line of sight of its operator, even at something behind a ridge or other obstacles."

This is contrary to the Kornet, a laser-guided missile operated by Hezbollah that requires direct line of sight to its target in order to reach it, Haaretz added.

The Almas 1 is programmed to gain altitude after its launch, with its operators tracking the trajectory by a camera in the missile's nose until the target is acquired, it said.

According to the Israeli newspaper, citing missile and drone expert Tal Inbar, it was the first time that “there is unequivocal documentation of this missile's use, but it's not the first time it's been fired.”

The expert told Haaretz that the Almas 1 has been built based on several Israeli Spike missiles that Hezbollah captured in 2006.

Several days ago, Beirut-based Al Mayadeen news network, which is close to Hezbollah, said in a report that the resistance movement had unveiled a new advance missile used in an attack on a spying dome of the Israeli regime.

The network said that the missile, which can be used in combat operations, is capable of hitting invisible targets, while the weapon itself may not be detected by drones.


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