‘Iran’s successful launch of Mahda satellite opens new window to space launches’

Tehran, IRNA – The Iranian minister of communications and information technology has said that the recent successful launch of three Iranian satellites into orbit has opened a new window to the country's space launches.

In an exclusive interview with IRNA on Thursday, Issa Zarepour spoke about the features of one of those satellites, called Mahda.

He said that Mahda was placed in elliptical orbits with minimum and maximum altitudes of 450 km and 1,100 km above the Earth's surface, making it the first Iranian satellite to be put in a space orbit with an altitude above 1,000 km thanks to its high-level technology.

Referring to the progress in the country’s space program, the minister attributed it to the policies of President Ebrahim Raisi’s administration, which Zarepour said had been paying special attention to the space program since taking office in August 2021.

The resumption of meetings by Iran’s Supreme Council of Space after around eleven years is a clear example of those policies, the minister added.

Zarepour further noted that the number of satellites, which are being manufactured will reach 30 by the late of this March. The number of satellites, which are ready to launch, will also reach 12 within the same period, he added.  


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