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People protest at Israeli regime's Knesset, calling for Netanyahu’s resignation

Tehran, IRNA – Dozens of protesters have gathered outside the Israeli parliament, demanding new elections and the resignation of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s cabinet.

The protesters blocked the main entrance to the Knesset in occupied city of Al-Quds on Monday, chanting “elections now”, Israeli media reported.  

The demonstrators issued a statement, accusing Netanyahu’s cabinet of failing to fulfill its promise to release the captives held by Palestinian resistance fighters in Gaza.

They also accused the cabinet of damaging Israel's standing abroad, blaming it for internal divisions.

The protesters demanded the expulsion of what they called extremists from power, saying that their authorities are seeking their personal interests.

Israeli police forcefully removed the protesters, saying that their demonstration was “illegal.”

The protest was the latest in rallies held by Israelis over the past weeks as the Gaza war drags on. Dozens of Israelis remain in captivity in Gaza, while Netanyahu’s cabinet is facing growing criticism over its refusal to halt hostilities in Gaza as a condition set by Palestine’s Hamas resistance movement for talks over the release of the captives.

The regime is also facing widespread criticism at the international level over its crimes in Gaza where almost 23,000 people have been killed in three months of relentless attacks, with many more being displaced and facing live-threatening conditions due to curbs on entry of basic supplies.  


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