Israeli regime plans to bring in foreign workers in another move against Palestinians

Tehran, IRNA – The Israeli regime is working on a plan that would permanently replace all Palestinian workers from the occupied West Bank with foreign laborers in 2024, Israeli media have reported.

Thousands of Palestinians from the West Bank have already been barred from their jobs since the resistance movement Hamas launched its unprecedented Al-Aqsa Storm Operation against Israel from Gaza on October 7.

Now, according to The Times of Israel citing on Monday a report by the Kan public broadcaster, the Israeli cabinet plans to replace all the Palestinian workers with foreign laborers from Sri Lanka, China, India, Thailand, and Moldova.

Those foreign workers, with a total number of 81,500, will be brought in to work in agriculture and construction sectors, the Israeli media outlets said, adding that diplomatic work is also underway as some cases need new deals with the countries involved.

To help further advance the plan to replace the Palestinians, the regime intends to provide incentives to Israelis to work in construction and agriculture, as they usually refuse to accept jobs in those sectors due to hard work and low payment.  

The regime at the same time is said to be working on promoting technologies in those sectors in a bid to cut the number of employees needed in those fields.  

The plan to replace the Palestinian laborers has reportedly been approved by Israel’s Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich. The economic ministerial cabinet is also set to discuss it in two weeks, according to the media reports.   

The plan targeting the livelihood of the Palestinians in the West Bank follows an intensified crackdown against them by the Israeli regime’s military. Soldiers have been stepping up their daily raids across the occupied territories since the Gaza war broke out. Over 300 Palestinians have been killed in those raids as well as attacks by Israeli settlers in the West Bank.


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