Jul 13, 2023, 6:33 PM
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US-led NATO war alliance responsible for death of millions: German MP

Tehran, IRNA – A German politician and member of the Left Party has questioned the underlying reasons for the existence of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), stressing that the world needs peace.

On July 12, Member of Germany's Bundestag Sevim Dağdelen debunked 3 myths peddled by certain Western governments and their media outlets about NATO, arguing that “NATO is a defensive alliance".

She also undermined the myths that claim “NATO is an alliance of democracies promoting the rule of law", and “NATO defends human rights".

Censuring the Western narrative of NATO, the German lawmaker noted, “Whenever there is talk about #NATO, myths are spread.”

“What we need is #peace, not NATO,” she emphasized, addressing the German Federal Parliament on the #Vilnius #Summit.


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