Jan 11, 2023, 9:10 PM
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Iran Intelligence Ministry reveals details about identified UK-affiliated spy

Tehran, IRNA – Ministry of Intelligence of the Islamic Republic of Iran in a statement on Wednesday outlined the details about prominent identified UK-affiliated spy who was spying on Iran's sensitive and strategic centers.

According to the intelligence ministry's statement, one of the most important infiltrators of the British spy service in the country's sensitive and strategic apparatuses was identified and after a long, multi-layered, and complex process was arrested.

The identified spy, Alireza Akbari, had access to some of the country's most sensitive apparatuses, gathered important intelligence about the country, and provided it to the UK in a fully informed and targeted manner numerous times, it added.

During the process of acquiring a visa from the embassy in Tehran, this spy was approached and interviewed by the intelligence agents stationed at that embassy, and then during his trips to Europe, he became a full-fledged employee of the British intelligence service, it further noted.

According to the intelligence ministry, due to the importance of his position and access, Alireza Akbari becomes a key spy for the intelligence service "SIS", who was at the same time guided by and had contacts with several prominent officers of the Iran Desk at the SIS.

After detecting the spying relationships, completing information about the targets and lists of requirements, the form of communications and communication tools of the enemy's service, the Intelligence Ministry officers entered the communication between the SIS service and the spy and injected the misinformation, the statement underlined.

Finally, at the appropriate time and with the order of the judicial authority, the defendant was arrested and after the judicial process, his sentence was issued.

The statement explicitly highlighted that although the UK spying service was able to take advantage of this person’s weaknesses and recruit him, but they certainly do not know which part of the information they received was real or misleading ones.


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