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Islamic Revolution anniversary ceremonies have become part ‎of Iranians’ identity: Professor ‎
Mohammad Sadeq Kooshki, a political science professor at the University of Tehran

Tehran, IRNA - The ceremonies to mark the anniversary (Feb. 11) of the victory of Iran’s 1979 Islamic Revolution have become events shaping Iranians’ identity, said a university professor.

Making the remark in an exclusive interview with Tehran-based "Iran Daily" newspaper, Mohammad Sadeq Kooshki, a political science professor at the University of Tehran, added that the people’s presence in the ceremonies has positive impacts on the country’s international issues, as it demonstrates their support for the Islamic Establishment.
The ceremonies to commemorate the 43rd anniversary of Islamic Revolution’s victory were held across Iran on Friday in different forms and styles, from motorcade rallies to people marching on foot in the streets.

Islamic Revolution anniversary ceremonies have become part ‎of Iranians’ identity: Professor ‎

The full text of the interview follows:

IRAN DAILY: How do you assess people’s participation in this year’s ceremonies?
MOHAMMAD SADEQ KOOSHKI: This year, people had a significant presence in the rallies. Given the spread of the Omicron variant in the country, the people’s participation perhaps even exceeded expectations. This is because the ceremonies of the anniversary of the Islamic Revolution’s victory have become part of the Iranian nation’s identity. Turning a blind eye to hostile media’s propaganda campaigns, people insist on holding these ceremonies as they have become part of their lives’ meaning. The anniversary ceremonies have grown in importance for Iranians to such an extent that they give people identity.
That is why every year the revolutionary people of Iran passionately and spontaneously make efforts to hold these ceremonies gloriously, neither heeding the anti-Islamic Revolution propaganda by the enemies and their media, nor needing any encouragement by the government. Last year, due to the unfavorable circumstances regarding the coronavirus spread, no plans had been drawn up for holding the rallies. However, even then, part of the people automatically decided to stage the rallies by parading their vehicles and motorcycles in the streets.
The solidarity and unity demonstrated by the people in these ceremonies help raise their spirits. As a matter of fact, the people feel the need to take part in these ceremonies to show their solidarity and unity. The positive energy exuding from the rallies helps the people tolerate the difficulties, such as cold weather, rain or snow, and take part in them.

The foreign media highlighted the concurrence of this year’s ceremonies with the ongoing talks in Vienna on the restoration of a 2015 nuclear deal. What are the impacts of the people’s participation in the rallies on Iran’s international relations? 
It definitely is an advantage for the Islamic Republic. For instance, it will certainly have positive impacts on the Vienna talks. The other parties to the deal, formally known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), monitor Iran’s situation, the people’s movements and the government’s policies. Such rallies in different Iranian cities impact their calculations. These countries act wisely, not emotionally. When they see the people’s substantial presence in the streets, they realize that the government of Iran is strongly supported by the people and quite popular among them. They also learn about the extent of the Islamic Establishment’s legitimacy with the people and adapt themselves to the facts. Over the entire past 43 years, our country has been in a critical and sensitive situation whenever the rally has been held and, thus, the people’s presence in the march has always been important and had its impacts. In many of the past years, the rally has practically helped erect a defensive wall against the evil anti-Iran plans by the belligerent powers. In addition, the people’s significant presence has convinced the enemies to refrain from resorting to military options against the Islamic Republic. Therefore, the rally and other national events, in which people have a direct presence, always have profound impacts on the country’s regional as well as international issues and

In his anniversary address, Iranian President Seyyed Ebrahim Raeisi stressed that he is upbeat about the country’s future. What’s your take?
If a society loses hope, it will die. Hope is the element motivating a society to resist against problems and continue its movement toward growth and excellence. Of course, I am talking about having realistic hopes based on the events unfolding on the ground and available capacities, not false ones. The truth is that Iran has many reserves and rich resources, thank God. If we identify and use these capacities intelligently, we can be very hopeful. The blows we have received so far have been due to our lack of knowledge about the country’s capacities and failure to use them. We sometimes have failed to act wisely and been gripped by our emotions. We have everything needed for the country’s growth and development. However, we are required to make wise decisions and act prudently.


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