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Islamic Jihad leader recounts Israel’s concessions to Resistance

Tehran, IRNA – Secretary-General of Islamic Jihad Movement in Palestine Ziyad al-Nakhalah described how the Israeli regime was forced to make concessions after Palestinian prisoners went on a hunger strike and the Islamic Jihad threatened to start war.

Al-Nakhalah who was in Iran to attend the 35th International Islamic Unity Conference paid a visit to IRNA on Sunday and had a conversation with IRNA CEO Ali Naderi.

The Resistance leader said that after they warned the Israeli regime, the Zionists asked Palestinian prisoners not to make this issue public so that the Zionist regime can make concessions without being accused of withdrawing by the Israeli community.

Mentioning that 440 Islamic Jihad forces are currently captive in the Israeli regime’s prisons, al-Nakhalah noted that the only factor that forced the Zionst regime to withdraw and make concessions was the threat by the Islamic Jihad to start the war.

Al-Nakhalah himself has spent 15 years in the prisons of the Israeli regime.

Elsewhere in the meeting, IRNA CEO Naderi expressed satisfaction that his first official meeting as the CEO of the news agency was with great, brave commander of the Resistance.

He said that IRNA has proudly tried to cover the developments in the Occupied Palestinian territories and the Gaza Strip as well as the Axis of Resistance in the best manner.

This approach will be strengthened to support the Resistance and Palestinians in the new period, he stated.

Al-Nakhalah highlighted the role of media, IRNA in particular, and social networks in introducing the Resistance and its activities to all nations.

Underscoring the necessity of cooperation between Resistance-oriented media and news outlets, he referred to the deceptive activity by some Western, Zionist, and Arab media to introduce Iran as the enemy instead of the Israeli regime which is the real foe.

The Islamic Jihad leader also commemorated the late General Qasem Soleimani, the former commander of IRGC Quds Force who was assassinated by the US Army, underlining the role of the Islamic Republic of Iran in fighting against the Israeli-American scheme in Lebanon, Yemen, Palestine, and Iraq.

He said that Supreme Leader of Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei and Iranian officials have a good understanding of the dangers posed by the Israeli presence in the Arabic and Islamic regions.

The Islamic Republic of Iran has undermined the US influence in the region and stood against the greatest oppressor country in the world, he noted.

Al-Nakhalah said that Gaza defeated the Israeli regime in the Operation al-Quds Sword and the regime has to consider the power of the resistance movements any moment and seek ceasefire agreements via Arab states.

The Palestinian leader also pointed to the 5-million dollar financial assistance presented by Yemen while they themselves were struggling and called the assistance a source of pride that was even more valuable that billions of dollars that some Arab nations can donate.

IRNA CEO and the Islamic Jihad leader also explored the ways to expand cooperation on media field between the news agency and the Resistance groups.


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