Aug 22, 2021, 11:39 AM
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Repercussions of US-NATO defeat in Afghanistan

Tehran, IRNA - The failure of United States and North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) military presence in Afghanistan has had severe consequences for both US President Joe Biden, who is under mounting pressure from the Republican party to resign, and the NATO, which is experiencing a deep gap among its member states.

Biden is facing harsh criticism for irresponsible withdrawal from the war-torn country, but he has resorted to any opportunity to defend his negligent decision and tried to put the responsibility on the shoulders of others.

The US president defiantly justified the decision, which led to downfall of the Afghan government and the rise of Taliban in Kabul, saying: "I stand squarely behind my decision."

Certain Western powers such as Germany, France, and the UK expressed confusion when they watched what happened after US and NATO military withdrawal from Afghanistan. So such a viewpoint indicates that the Western authorities did not understand the realities on the ground in the war-stricken country, including the level of Taliban's influence in Afghanistan.

Biden and Jens Stoltenberg, the secretary general of NATO, as well as the leaders of European Troika do not focus on their wrong strategy in Afghanistan, but they attempt to put the blame on the Afghan Government. The chief executive in the United States has recently said why should the American forces fight while the Afghan military forces refuse to do it?

Observers believe that the incursion into Afghanistan and expenditure of billions of dollars in the war was nothing but a failure. The irony is that the Afghan military forces could not confront Taliban even for a few weeks. The justifications made by US and NATO officials were not successful to convince the public opinion both in the United States and in the whole world.

Former US president Donald Trump did not lose time to criticize his successor's policy in Afghanistan, calling on Biden to relinquish power for what he has done in recent weeks.

Republican senators, such as Lindsey Graham and Mitch McConnell, have also censured President Biden's irresponsible decision to withdraw troops from Afghanistan, describing the pullout as a failure that can pave the way for more horrible and extended developments in the future.

Germany's President Frank-Walter Steinmeier described the scenes of desperate Afghan civilians at Kabul airport as shameful for the Western powers, noting that the quick breakdown of the Afghan Government shows the fact that years of efforts by Western forces could not build up a stable and resilient society in Afghanistan.

Now, the European countries are worried about waves of Afghan migrants and refugees. However, the Western powers should take responsibility for the aftermaths of war in Afghanistan, which has left millions of refugees since 2001.


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