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Palestinians’ victory in Sword of Quds operation, beginning of new movement: Official

Tehran, IRNA – The head of Iranian Parliament’s Foreign Policy Strategic Council emphasized in a meeting with visiting secretary general of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad Movement here on Saturday that the twelve-day Sword of Quds Operation marked the beginning of a new Palestinian resistance movement.

Kamal Kharrazi of the Islamic Parliament said in his Saturday evening meeting with Ziad al-Nukhala further  that while the world powers, resorting to various strategies, act against the Palestinian people, the resistance of the Palestinian nation for materializing their right, which is ending the occupation of their lands and kicking the usurpers out of their motherland, is worth sincere appreciation.

What was clearly observed in the Sword of Quds Operation was the solidarity of the Palestinian nation, which has its roots in the awareness of the Palestinian people and that nation’s freedom seeking spirit, he reiterated.

The head of the Foreign Policy Strategic Council of Majlis also said that the opposite front, or the Zionist regime, is on the contrary engaged with serious internal disputes, which are due to that regime’s being rootless and the rootlessness of those who have come from different parts of the world to occupy Palestine.

He said that the current Zionist regime cabinet is quite unstable, emphasizing that a prime minister who has come to power relying on the coalition of any incongruous political parties cannot have strong negotiation power.

Kharrazi also commemorated martyr Qasem Soleimani, expressing hope that that the grand commander’s greatest ideal of liberation of the Holy Quds will soon come to reality.

Secretary General of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad Movement Ziad Nukhala, too, in the meeting appreciated the unlimited and constant support of Iran for the Palestinian nation and their resistance movement, emphasizing that until before the recent twelve-day war, the collapse of the Zionist regime was only an ideal, but today we all know that it is a real possibility.

The Zionist regime’s self-confidence has been weakened, and now we are at a very sensitive phase of the Palestinian nation’s campaign against that usurper regime, in which many new gates are opened for the entire resistance front forces at the vast expanse of the entire region, added Nukhala.

He further emphasized that today the status of Palestine and, especially, the resistance forces in the region is quite different compared with the past, as hope for a better future is seen profound among every single one of us.


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