Rouhani: Moderate approach, constructive interaction only ways out

Tehran, IRNA – While preparing to leave office in a matter of a few days, President Hassan Rouhani said on Monday that the only way for the country out is to adopt moderate approach in the country and constructive interaction abroad.

Iran’s outgoing President that he still insisted on what he thought in 2013 when he took office, that is moderate approach inside and constructive interaction outside.
He recounted the days during the initial years of his tenure when Iran’s diplomatic team had tough times trying to save the country from several UN Security Council resolutions.
Rouhani underlined that Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif and his negotiation team managed to do that, while it was no easy task.
Iran reached an agreement with six world powers in 2015 to put limitations on its nuclear program, in return for removing the US and international sanctions against Iran.
The agreement named the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action or simply Iran nuclear deal, led to Security Council Resolution 2231 which endorsed the deal and removed all previous resolutions against the country while urging the entire world to help Iran enjoy economic benefits of the landmark deal.
However, former US President Donald Trump ceased US participation in the deal in 2018 and resumed all sanctions against Iran, putting the remaining participants (4+1) in trouble providing Iran with economic benefits.
But Iran could tolerate the pressure by leveraging a resistance approach, as said by President Rouhani who added that the administration managed to lead the country to 3.5 percent economic growth in the fiscal year ending March 2021, despite the economic pressure mingled by the pandemic crisis.
Iran and the remaining participant in the JCPOA started an attempt earlier this year to revive the deal and have the US rejoin it after US President Joe Biden signaled he was willing to reverse Trump’s aggressive approach in regard to the deal.
On this issue, Rouhani had previously noted that the attempt would bear fruit months ago, but some domestic objections put off any agreement and the administration had to leave the issue to be decided by the incoming administration of former Judiciary Chief Ebrahim Raisi.
Raisi is taking office on August 5 after he inaugurates in a ceremony in Iran’s parliament on Thursday.


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