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Progress made in Iran-Saudi talks: Gov't Spox

Tehran, IRNA – Iran’s Government Spokesman Ali Rabiei said on Tuesday that Iran and Saudi Arabia have discussed bilateral issues in a friendly manner and good faith and have made progress so far.

Speaking to reporters, Rabiei said that it is understandable that there are still disagreements which need time to be solved.

He said that he had a positive assessment of the talks and Iran would continue talks with Saudi Arabia to minimize disagreements.

Sabotage acts in Iran nuclear facilities

Rabiei referred to the sabotage act carried out allegedly by agents of the Israeli regime in one of Iran’s nuclear facilities and said that Iran confirmed sabotage, but denied any significant damage to the facility and nuclear equipment.

Government spokesman also said that images claiming vast damage were taken during the reparation operation and there was no significant damage to the facility but a hole in its ceiling.

Rabiei said that the Israeli regime carried out the sabotage and other similar operations to stop Iran’s negotiations with world powers and stop reviving the JCPOA, but much to its chagrin, Iran continued its activities with more advanced equipment after every sabotage operation.

Vienna talks

Iran’s negotiating team hasn’t changed and according to the policies set by the most supreme governmental bodies in Iran and Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei, the finality of negotiations in progress in Vienna depended on whether Iran’s interests were met and whether the US took its final decision, Rabiei underlined.

He added that Iran saw the state as a seamless legal entity whose binding obligations wouldn’t change by changing administrations.

That’s why Iran has always complied with its international obligations and if any agreement is reached by the current administration in Iran would be abided by with the next administration, too, Rabiei stated.

He said that he hoped other participants in the JCPOA would be so transparent when talking about their obligations, referring to the US refusing to give legal guarantee that the next administration in the country wouldn’t violate the JCPOA once it’s signed.

Talks not stalled

Rabiei went on to say that there were disagreements in the ongoing talks in Vienna to revive the JCPOA, but that didn’t mean that the talks were stalled.


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