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The new movement of the Jewish lobby against Zionism

Tehran, May 31, IRNA - Opposition to Zionism among Jews has entered a new phase after Israel's recent crimes against the people of Gaza. Some circles have considered the French Jewish lobby to be influential in the recent stance of Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian.

On June 2, he declared in an unprecedented position that the Zionist regime's actions against Arab citizens living in Israel were an example of apartheid and racial discrimination. Netanyahu called French Foreign Minister Le Drian's  claim of "Israel on the verge of apartheid" brazen, but the fact is that anti-Zionist lobbying has a long history in French academia. In year 2001, a book entitled "Israel, Palestine: Truths of a conflict" by Alain Gresh was published in Paris, the full text of which is available on the Persian website Le Monde Diplomatic. (

Part of the book quotes Maxime Rodinson, a French linguist, historian and sociologist who was an anti-Zionist Jew. Rodinson believed that Israel was a colonial phenomenon and like Australia and the United States, was created by the occupation and expropriation of the natives and inhabitants of a land. In part of the book, he says: "Zionism is by no means the definite, obligatory and inevitable result of the continuation of a Jewish identity, and is only a choice. This choice can be criticized because its goal - to create a Jewish state - can only be achieved by ousting the Palestinians. Zionism is completely at the heart of a colonial affair, the main condition of which is victory, and this has been and will be its main mistake."

Apart from France, evidence shows that the new movement of anti-Israel Jewish lobbies in human rights organizations has also been the main reason for the change in the tone of these organizations towards the Zionist regime. Human Rights Watch has taken a similar stance in France, calling the Zionist regime a racist regime for the first time. It is said that a group of anti-Zionist Jews, known as the Jewish Union, provided documentary information about the existence of apartheid in the occupied territories to Human Rights Watch. The organization said in a 213-page report on May 27 that Israel's policies and actions toward the Palestinians were an example of "apartheid crimes." Human Rights Watch is headquartered in New York, and Jews have influence in the international body. This is the first time in the organization's 43-year history that it has taken such a stance on Israeli crimes.

But the position of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Michel Bachelet, announced last week, has been perhaps the strongest UN position in recent years against the Zionist regime. The High Commissioner for Human Rights said Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip could be considered a "war crime." The footprint of the anti-Zionist Jewish lobby has also been seen in Ms. Bachelet's recent stance.

One of the tricks of the Zionist regime is to declare itself a supporter of the interests of the Jews of the world and the usurpation of the land of Palestine to create a Jewish land, but the fact is that a large number of Jews in the world are opposed with the existence of this regime and crimes against defenseless Palestinians. Jewish circles have previously opposed Israeli human rights abuses in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, but recent Jewish lobbying efforts to condemn the Zionist regime are unprecedented.

The Jewish Anti-Zionist Organization, formed as Neturei Karta in 1935, considers the occupation of the land of Palestine and the establishment of a Jewish state in that land contrary to Jewish law and divine providence. According to the Talmud or the book of Jewish law, the formation of a Jewish state before the advent of the Messiah or "savior of the world" is forbidden and illegitimate. The Jewish Union of the world considers Zionism "poisonous" and threatens the "true Jews."

Rabbi Aaron Cohen, a prominent member of the organization, believes that Judaism and Zionism are completely different and contradictory concepts. "Zionism was a nationalist movement started about 120 years ago by secular, not religious people with nationalist ideas," he told the Quran News Agency in May. "They had Jewish foundations but had nothing to do with religion."

According to the Jewish Union, Judaism is opposed to Zionism and is completely incompatible with this fake system based on apartheid. They believe that the relationship between the Palestinian people and the Jews has been going on for thousands of years and was friendly until the occupation of the Palestinian land by Zionism. The Jewish Union believes that Zionism is the first enemy of the Jews and that Muslims should not be accused of anti-Semitism. Jews opposed to the occupation of Jerusalem consider Zionism to be the greatest calamity for Jews in the last 150 years and are dissatisfied with the fact that many Jews have been killed in defense of Zionism. They hope that the Palestinian-Israeli conflict will end peacefully as soon as possible so that the Palestinians can return to their lands.

In May 2016, the spokesman for the Jewish Alliance Against Zionism, Yerushel David Weiss, said in a statement on the occasion of World Al-Quds Day: "The Jews do not allow the extremist Jews to rule by occupying and expelling a nation from their land."

The present anti-Zionist Jewish movement is a new development at the present time that should be considered by international affairs analysts. It seems that the international anti-Zionist Jewish lobby, in continuation of its new approach, intends to persuade the leaders of other European countries and other international institutions to take anti-Zionist positions against the occupiers of Palestine. Joe Biden's name has not been excluded, and the Jewish lobby with White House officials is on the agenda. The increasing mobility of anti-Zionist Jews in the world is a new problem for the Zionist regime, which, if it continues, could accelerate its decline and determine a fate similar to that of the apartheid regime in South Africa for Israel.

By Mohsen Pakaein


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