Attacks in Gaza, consequence of Arab rulers' compromise with Zionists: Pakistani Prof

Islamabad, May 18, IRNA -- A senior Pakistani analyst and professor of international relations criticizing the US silence on Zionist aggression said that what is happening in Gaza today is the result of compromise of Arab rulers with Tel Aviv.

Professor at Institute of Business Administration (IBA) Huma Baqai in an interview with IRNA on Tuesday said the implication of so-called Abraham Accords is now unfolding because the Arab veto to Zionist action has been practically over.

“As a result, Israel has committed human rights violations, international law violations, human rights abuses, and violence on Palestinian people,” Baqai said.

The scholar went on to say the silence from the US is questionable and US President Joe Biden once again said that it is about right of self-defense, ignoring the fact that it is initiated by Israel who violates all international laws.

Baqai added that targeting the tower of foreign journalists in Palestine was another attempt made by Zionist regime to show how little it cares about international red lines, be it how it treats the Palestinian people or what is on Palestinian land.

“What is different this time is the international reaction: the protest against what is happening to Palestinians and what is being done by Israeli forces in Palestine,” she said.

The professor said the excessive use of uncalled-for force is being protested in European capitals, the US and even inside Zionist regime, it is dividing the Israeli people themselves; and of course, the protests are happening in the entire Muslim World; it is quite heartening that this time the people are protesting against the Zionist violence around the globe.

She said the reaction from Hamas and the Iranian support for Hamas and the Palestinians must be giving cold feet to Zionist rulers.

“It is a fact that social media channels have been shut down in Zionist regime and people taking flights out of Zionist regime,” she said.

Baqai in her views said that the rockets are nothing as compared to Zionist brutalities against Palestine, but it shows the resistance of oppressed people of Palestine.

“I hope the international community and civil society is mobilized enough to come with a solution where they asked Israelis to vacate Palestinian territories,” she noted.

The occupying Zionist forces started their brutal attacks and aggression in the Gaza Strip on Monday last week (May 10) and has so far killed 218 Palestinians and injured 1,235 others. The Palestinian resistance front has also launched rocket attacks in the occupied territories in response to the continuing Zionist aggression and attacks on Gaza.


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