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Horizon of Palestine is bright, Zionist regime on decline: Speakers

Islamabad, May 17, IRNA -- Speakers at an International Webinar on Palestine have said the horizon of Palestine is bright whereas the Zionist regime is on decline and soon would cease to exist.

They were speaking at the Webinar entitled Solidarity with Palestine jointly organized by Parliamentary Forum of Palestine, Kashmir and Rohingya and Palestine Foundation of Pakistan. Speakers from Pakistan, Iran, Turkey and Palestine, Lebanon participated in the event.

Horizon of Palestine is bright, Zionist regime on decline: Speakers

Dr Abbas Gulro, Chairman of Foreign Relations Committee of Iranian Parliament says Zionist regime is committing massacre of Palestinians and it is a shame for the international community. He noted some Arab countries of the region have betrayed the cause of Palestine by recognizing Zionist regime.

He added after the victory of the Islamic Revolution we shut down the Israeli embassy and have always supported the Palestinian movement. Imam Khomeini declared last Friday of Ramadan as Al-Quds Day to support this cause.

“Iranian Parliament has passed many resolutions to support innocent Palestinians as we believe that supporting the cause of Palestine is our religious, moral and human obligation for which we have paid a heavy price,” said the Iranian lawmaker.

He was of the view there should be a referendum by the genuine residents of Palestine to determine the fate or foreign settlers. “The horizon of Palestine is bright whereas the Zionist regime is on decline and soon would cease to exist,” he said.

Dr Abbas Gulro added balance of power has changed in the favor of Palestine.

Horizon of Palestine is bright, Zionist regime on decline: Speakers

Dr. Shireen Mazari Pakistan’s Minister for Human Rights in her views said there is a massacre of Palestinians going on by apartheid regime. “This is not a conflict but ethnic cleansing of Palestinians,” she pointed out.

She added Zionist forces are not only targeting Palestinians but their religion too. “Israel is trying to remove all signs of Islam from occupied territories. Israel is violating Geneva Convention and committing war crimes against humanity,” said the minister.

The politician added Zionists are stripping Palestinians from their basic rights adding that it is unfortunate that this genocide is taking place in 21st century.

“Israelis are committing war crimes and putting them on social media with pride. Time has come for the international community to implement the international law in Palestine,” said Dr. Shireen Mazari.

She went on to say the OIC was created to protect Al-Quds. Arab countries should backtrack from recognition of Israel. “We want action and not statements,” said the lawmaker.

The minister said the alliance of Muslim countries against terrorism must step in and stop Israel for committing state terrorism.

“This attack is not on Palestine but on Muslim Ummah and Islam. All Muslims have to fight against state terrorism. I express my solidarity and support Palestinians who are fighting the terrorism of Israel,” said Dr. Shireen Mazari.

Dr. Basim Naeem, Health Minister of Gaza in his remarks said Al-Aqsa is a Muslim territory and all Muslims are part of the Palestinian struggle.  “We are fighting with dignity,” he said.

He warned the situation in Gaza and Palestine is very explosive however there is no serious reaction on the recent Israeli aggression on Palestinians by the international community so far.

He noted that the US has used the veto power more than 70 times to support the war crimes of Zionist regime. “Gaza has suffered a lot and we cannot accept second Nakbah,” said Dr. Basim.

Horizon of Palestine is bright, Zionist regime on decline: Speakers

Senator Mushahid Hussain Sayed, Chairman of Pakistan’s Parliamentary Forum of Palestine said our policy on Palestine was formulated by founder of Pakistan Mohammad Ali Jinnah and it is not hostage to the OIC or Arab league. 

“We have a very strong commitment to this issue. Israel has committed biggest war crime when they bombed media. We strongly condemn this war crime,” said the lawmaker.

He added Israel has killed more than 200 innocent Palestinians so far but I salute the resistance of the people in Gaza.

“You will soon hear voices from Israel asking for ceasefire,” he said.

The Senator said we fully support the proposal of Turkish President to set up an international force to protect the people of Palestine. he said Pakistan, Turkey, Iran, Indonesia must write a letter to US President Joe Biden about double standards of the US on Palestine issue.

He said Israel is aggressor and Palestinians are victims.

“First issue is saving the lives of Palestinians and ending the blockade of Gaza. There should be a joint rally in Pakistan to express solidarity with Palestinians,” Senator Mushahid Hussain Sayed said.

The MP said this battle has to be fought on all forums and levels. We stand firmly with the oppressed people of Palestine and reject any effort to recognize Israel. He said the deal of the century has buried into rubble.   

Jamaat-e-Islami Naib Ameer Liaqat Baloch in his views said People of Pakistan are with the people of Palestine.

“The recent attack on Gaza is an eye opener for those countries which have recognized Israel. 1.5 billion Muslims should stand with the oppressed Palestinians. The UN must stop the hands of aggressor Israel. We stand by our Palestinian brothers and sisters,” he said.  

Hamid Mir, senior journalist expressing solidarity with the Palestinian people said the attack on media is a brutal act committed by Israel.

“All Muslims countries must suspend their diplomatic relations with Israel. Jordan and Egypt must open their borders with Palestine for journalists and humanitarian aid agencies,” he said.

Lieutenant General (retd) Ghulam Mustafa, defense analyst said Zionist regime is being provided a kind of international sanction to do what it wants. Muslims have to act for the liberation of Al-Quds.

“We have to make a peacekeeping force because what is happening in Palestine today can happen to any other Muslims country tomorrow,” he warned.

Saber Abu Maryam, Secretary General of Palestine Foundation of Pakistan said Palestine has become a war prison. “It is unfortunate that some Arab states have recognized the illegal state of Israel.  Israel is committing terrorism under the world’s imperialism,” he said.


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