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World must break its silence on Zionist aggression in Palestine: Pakistani anchor

Islamabad, May 17, IRNA -- A senior Pakistani journalist and TV anchor strongly criticized the silence of Western countries, especially the United States, on the ongoing Zionist aggression in Palestine especially the recent attack on world media, and said the world should wake up and stop Israeli terrorism.

Mateen Haider in an interview with IRNA on Monday said: I think targeting international media outlets in Gaza by Israel, particularly targeting a compound or a building which housed Al-Jazeera television and other media outlets, should be strongly condemned.

“This shows that Israel is not caring of anything, any of the international law or human rights,” he said.

The journalist in his views said targeting international media is a blatant violation of international law, norms, values, and everything.

He added despite the biggest attack on the American media outlet in Gaza city we have not seen any official condemnation by the US state department.

"There is only a mild statement by the President of the AP in which he expressed concern," said the anchor.

Mateen Haider went on to say it is high time for the US to review its policy and strategy towards Israel and strongly condemn human rights violations that are taking place in Gaza.

He noted civilians have been killed, media persons are being killed and Gaza is in a siege, surrounded by Israel.

"I think the world must wake up against Zionist aggression, even the UNGA did not condemn the recent Israeli attack due to the pressure of the US," Mateen Haider added.

The senior journalist said Al Jazeera has already announced that despite the destruction of its office in Gaza they will continue to highlight the Israeli brutalities.

Mateen Haider said the purpose of this destruction by Israel is to stop the media coverage of Israeli attacks and brutalities on Gaza city.

"I think the UN human rights council must pick up this issue, international media organizations must strongly condemn the Israeli barbaric act on media because this particularly tower destroyed by Israel had offices of different media outlets, who were reporting about Israeli brutalities," noted the analyst.


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