Cyber attack on Natanz, designed to scuttle diplomacy: US peace activists

Tehran, April 14, IRNA - In a scroll to members of the United States Congress, an anti-war group, Code Pink, called for denouncing Israeli regime's cyber attacks on Iranian nuclear nuclear facility, said that the attack on Natanz is only is the latest Israeli bid to scuttle diplomacy.

According to the Code Pink scroll, Just as talks between the U.S. and Iran are taking place, on Sunday, April 11, 2021, while U.S. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin was in Israel meeting with Israeli officials, Israel carried out a cyberattack blacking out Iran’s Natanz nuclear facility.

Not only could this have caused a nuclear spill, but the intention was to sabotage the Biden administration’s aims to revive the Iran nuclear deal. Iran responded by raising its uranium enrichment levels to 60%. 

The full text of his message reads:

Please speak out and condemn Israeli actions to sabotage the Biden administration’s talks to revive the Iran nuclear deal. 

The attack on Natanz is only is the latest in a series of Israeli attacks on Iran designed to scuttle negotiations.

Last summer, a number of explosions attributed to Israel broke out across Iran, including a fire at the Natanz site, and in November 2020, Israeli operatives assassinated Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, Iran’s top nuclear scientist in the city of Absard outside Tehran. Had Iran responded, the U.S. might have been dragged into an all-out war.

Israeli officials have also directly lobbied the U.S. Congress to quash the deal. In 2015, Netanyahu traveled to Washington, D.C. to address a joint session of Congress in an attempt to uncut Obama’s original negotiations.

This time, Mossad chief Yossi Cohen will be traveling to Washington to meet with top White House and U.S. intelligence officials, and, he hopes, with Biden directly, to convince the administration that Iran has been concealing details about its nuclear program and therefore can’t be trusted.

This is indeed ironic coming from a country that, unlike Iran, actually has nuclear weapons and refuses to disclose any information about its program.

Let’s be clear. ©here is only one entity that can stop Netanyahu from his dangerous and vile escalation: President Biden and his administration.

Please take the first step toward that by speaking out in condemnation of Israeli assault on U.S. diplomacy to revive the Iran nuclear deal. Now, more than ever, it’s vital that the U.S. Congress shows its outrage and tells Israel to stop.


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