Pres Rouhani felicitates heads of Islamic countries on beginning of holy Ramadan

Tehran, April 13, IRNA – President Hassan Ruhani on Tuesday evening in separate messages to the heads of Islamic countries wholeheartedly congratulated them on the beginning of the holy fasting month of Ramadan.

In his messages, the President hoped that given Allah’s benevolence and all-encompassing mercy in this brilliant month the world Muslims will be able to pave the way for controlling the fatal COVID-19 virus.

He also hoped that Muslaims, relying on the science and piety of their devoted scientists, will succeed in helping the human beings to return to their normal life procedures.

Rouhani further reiterated in his messages that the world Muslims, and particularly the heads of the Islamic countries will take the opportunity of this glorious Month with to work for the blossoming and exaltation of Islam throughout the world more than ever before with a greater level of mutual understanding and unity.

He also said that Muslims should consider the month of Ramadan as an opportunity in which the world Muslims, and especially the blessed and pious servants of God and the selfless fasting people will by their praying and self-purification, refraining from committing sins will achieve piety and pave the path of proximity with Allah thanks to the flowing of God’s fountain of endless blessings in this month more than ever before.

The Iranian president has in his messages also prayed that everyone will be successful is abiding by Allah’s blessed Will and to pray wholeheartedly, and requested Almighty Allah for the wellbeing of the Muslim nations and prosperity of the Islamic countries.


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