Judiciary's Human Rights chief finds fault with British Human Rights report 

Tehran, March 23, IRNA – Secretary of Iranian Judiciary's Human Rights Headquarters in a twitter message found serous faults with a recent British human rights report claiming violations of the human rights standards in Iran.

Ali Beqeri Kani published the message on Tuesday, arguing that the "British human rights rapporteur’s claims are as true as the reports on “huge famine in Britain”, “Occurrence of a British anti-nation coup” and “A British briefcase full of pounds”, compared with Britain’s support for the Iranian nation’s “existence” and “rights’.

“Wherever there is the name of Britain, broad violation of the Iranian nation’s rights comes to minds, since Britain has a long record of breaching the Iranian nation’s rights, one of the most painful instances of which is exposing the Iranians to famine after the World War (II). The British government at that time juncture bought the entire crops of Iran’s wheat, barley and other cereals at very low prices for its intruder armed forces, knowing that this will lead to leaving thousands of the Iranian nation citizens dying of hunger every day,” wrote Baqeri-Kani.

It said that the British government at the time also seriously violated the Iranian nation’s rights for deciding their own fate, since by hatching a coup London brought to power a regime that was faithful to Britain, instead of the Iranian nation’s interests.

United Nations Special Rapporteur on the human rights situation in the Islamic Republic of Iran, too, recently claimed he had already received a number of reports about alleged violations of human rights in the country.

None of the sources used in Rehman’s report is authentic or trustworthy.


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