Corona, sanctions, test scene for self-declared supporters of democracy, human rights

Tehran, March 16, IRNA – The Corona pandemic and Iran nuclear deal are two major test scenes in which the extent of the truthfulness of the self-claimed supporters of diplomacy and the human rights are verified, but stockpiling of Corona vaccines and continuation of anti-Iranian sanctions show well that the entire expressed worries are self-contradictory and obviously fake.

The human rights propagations in some western countries and their praising of diplomatic solutions that are the top headlines in their media at the practical scene of interactions, at least with the Islamic Republic, have proved to be self-contradictory, and obviously fake in realpolitik.

The vaccine that the nations in many world countries are counting the seconds to receive, is dealt in commercial transactions behind the scenes and stockpiled in fridges so that less privileged countries will not be able to safeguard their nations against this very deadly virus.

But this is not the only self-contradictory act of the western countries, and especially America, that is after repeating its past mistakes and setting terms and conditions for its return to an agreement that was once considered the most important achievement of international diplomacy, at least during the past two decades is now acting pretentiously for its return to the nuclear deal.

If their claims on supporting the observation of human rights are true, then stockpiling the Corona vaccines is meaningless, and if their expressed concern about diplomacy as the best solution for international crises is true, then unconditional US return to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) is the way to solve this problem.

But although the path is quite clear it seems as though the required will and necessary actions are in direct contradiction with propagations and expressed stands, and this is clearer for the Iranians today than it has ever been before.

***Human rights, western style

Now on the first anniversary of the Corona pandemic around the globe, the efforts made by Iranian medical teams have led to the production of numerous vaccines to fight against this strange virus. Meanwhile, although many world nations need to be vaccinated as soon as possible to save lives there are nowadays many broadcasted news on stockpiling of vaccines in certain countries.

Such news is obviously contradictory with the self-claimed support for human rights, often chanted in those countries.

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad-Javad Zarif has reacted to such contradictory behavior, reiterating: I wish at least we could understand that vaccines cannot be stockpiled. Why has the west stockpiled three times its needed amount of Coronaviruses? Justice in the distribution of vaccines necessitates equal opportunities to have access to vaccines in rich and poor countries.”

Stockpiling the vaccines is yet not merely announced by Iranian officials. The UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, too, said on Friday, March 12th, on the first anniversary of the Corona pandemic that the World Health Organization (WHO) has warned about the aftermaths of such contradictory moves under such emergency conditions, considering it a hindrance against the world nation’s easy access to Corona vaccines around the globe.

Although stockpiling the vaccines and lack of proper access of the world nations to it might seem strange for some countries and the UN, but the issue is not a new phenomenon for the Iranian nation as it is in line with the US maximum pressure and sanctions policies that were not halted even after the emergence of the Corona pandemic, during which the Iranian nation’s access both to the required financial assets and to the needed pharmaceutical items was rejected due to sanctions.

The UN contributions to such international organizations as the WHO, too, did not reach Iran due to sanctions and meanwhile, America and its allies did not permit Iran to buy medicine with its own monetary assets.

Maybe that was the reason why Zarif has addressed them and asked: Can those who created obstacles in the way of transferring our money to buy vaccines still claim that Corona has taught everyone lessons on humanity, humbleness, and kindness?


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