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Signs of activating diplomacy

Tehran, March 8, IRNA – Persian language daily, Iran, wrote in an article on Monday that comparing the past week developments including what was going on with the UN nuclear watchdog (IAEA) Board of Directors, the diplomacy tilted the balance in Iran's favor after the EU states announced the decision to drop anti-Iran resolution.

In the article by Abdol-Reza Faraji-Raad, a geopolitical affairs university professor we read:

The ratification of the EU troika’s resolution was cancelled under such circumstances at the IAEA Board of Directors that releasing of a part of Iran’s money in Iraq on one hand, finalizing the issue of releasing Iran’s blocked oil money in South Korea and the moves made by India to buy Iranian oil all in all indicate that the United States is showing a green light to facilitate diplomacy in dealing with Iran.

Furthermore, the very limited US moves in the sensitive and crisis-prone Mideast region, such as those in Iraq and the Syrian border region with Iran, also mean that the Americans do not intend to foment further tension in the already crisis-prone region due to the existing sensitivities around the JCPOA issue.
Therefore, positive signs received from the other side are being sent that can pave the path for settlement of the JCPOA issues driven to despair. That is while neither the decision makers in Iran, nor those in America consider any delay in solving the JCPOA problem permissible, or logical.
Just as the Supreme Leader has reiterated, “If we can make moves to terminate the sanctions even an hour’s delay is not acceptable.” Therefore, the vector-sum of this stand-taking and the other stands adopted by the Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) and the Iranian president can be evaluated as the Islamic Republic’s resolve to terminate the sanctions on fastest possible way.

But under such circumstances, there are certain personalities and political groups in Iran that spend tremendous efforts to elongate the process of problem resolving on JCPOA so long that the next Iranian government will take charge.

Likewise, some people have taken stands that the process of gradual elimination of sanctions by the Americans must take a whole year, which is a politically-motivated comment, contrary to the official stands of the governing system.

Iran’s announcement of its readiness for presenting a practical initiative through diplomatic channel is presented in line with the same general strategy. That is while the same will for problem resolving is also seen in the US, but the Biden administration that is faced with numerous problems inside the country does not intend to also get engaged in a new dispute with the US Congress.

Yet, the former US administration’s exit from the JCPOA created all the problems and Iran believes Iran should not be the side to pay the price for Trump’s big mistake.

If the process of resolving the dispute continues on the current slow trend, it will not be only Iran that will suffer greater economic losses, but parallel with further escalation of tension in the region, the US cannot achieve de-escalation.

That will be contrary to what Ms. Wendy Sherman has recently predicted.

She said that the geopolitical status of the region and the ongoing developments are to the loss of Tehran.

“Re-negotiation on JCPOA is necessary”, while the current developments in the region are not only not to the loss of Iran, but to the contrary, it is quite favorable for Iran.

It is right that the Zionist regime has entered the Persian Gulf and a number of Middle East Arab countries have become its new allies, but all in all, those moves have in practice put their security at stake and posed them to new potential threats.

That is while the US administration due to the numerous problems with which it is faced inside the country and abroad cannot resort to military moves in the Middle East and prolongation of the US return to the JCPOA, or re-negotiating for a new JCPOA, will be to the loss of the United States, as well.

Under the current circumstances and in accordance with the recent days’ developments, there are signs that the diplomatic talks between Tehran and Washington can get started, and furthermore, that they must be expedited, rather than delayed.

Although this process is progressing quite slowly, but it is properly on the rail and proceeding, and only taking a long and rapid leap can accelerate this favorable trend.

It is hoped that serious developments within the next one, or two weeks at the diplomatic scene will contribute to speed up the slow trend for settlement of dispute.


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