Feb 20, 2021, 9:31 AM
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Uncharacteristic statement

Tehran, Feb 20, IRNA - The foreign ministers of Germany, Britain and France were expected to show political maturity in their first meeting with the US secretary of state, urging the United States to make up for Trump's breach of the UN Security Council by lifting sanctions on Iran.

But the three European countries issued a non-binding statement urging Iran to return to its commitments.

This European approach showed that Europe has not yet reached the stage of independence from the United States and still does not dare to speak out in front of the White House.

The statement from the three European countries showed that they are pursuing the interests of the Zionist regime and several reactionary Arab countries, despite claiming to be interested in maintaining order, and that they are moving in the direction of destroying the nuclear deal by violating their responsibilities. Germany, France and Britain, the European troika that are signatories to the IAEA, are concerned about Iran's legal and rational nuclear decisions, which have taken virtually no action to persuade the IAEA to persuade the United States to end anti-Iranian sanctions. , Have shown incapacity.

Europe's short-sighted foreign ministers have forgotten that it was Iran that fulfilled all its obligations to the UN Security Council, and today it is Iran that is in a demanding position. Iran's insistence on reducing its nuclear commitments and its recent stance on non-compliance with the Additional Protocol are due to the US withdrawal from the UN Security Council and the resumption of economic sanctions against Iran.

 Trump also questioned Europe's economic, political and security future by withdrawing from the Security Council and imposing sanctions on Iran. Because  nuclear deal apart from being a commitment between Iran and the P5 + 1, was a formula for countering US unilateralism and strengthening multilateralism, which is also in Europe's interest.

But the nuclear deal became a breach of Western alliance between the United States and the European Union.

The international community, which has repeatedly stand against Trump in the face of Trump's extravagance at the United Nations and the Security Council, acknowledges the fact that the United States is imposing a chance on the success of diplomatic efforts by imposing sanctions on Iran and the European  for failing to live up to its commitments, Have destroyed.

Therefore, Iran's wise and legal action in reducing nuclear deal,s obligations, which is based on Article 36 of this deal, has been supported by the international community, especially the other two members of the deal, namely Russia and China. Iran's goal in joining nuclear deal was to lift economic sanctions, a goal that has not yet been met, and as the Supreme Leader of the Revolution said, Iran will only take practical action if see practical action from other side. Iran's correct and strategic action in reducing nuclear deal's obligations and Iran's preconditions for returning to its obligations is a logical step to breathe life into deal's lifeless body.

Unfortunately, the three European countries want to discourage the great people of Iran from pursuing their demands for the lifting of the sanctions by supporting the arrogant US approach and resorting to threats and intimidation. But experience has shown that positions based on threats, intimidation, and psychological waves against Iran have often failed, and will continue to do so in the Biden era.

 Iran's move to reduce its obligations to the IAEA Board was delayed, but it sends a very clear and precise message to the European parties that Europe should not be reluctant to issue repetitive and uncharacteristic statements, and if it is interested in maintaining the nuclear deal It must convince the United States of the practical lifting of anti-Iranian sanctions.

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