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West conspired to divide Muslims after Islamic Revolution: PM Imran

Islamabad, Oct 31, IRNA -- Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan strongly believes that after the success of the Islamic Revolution in Iran, western countries hatched conspiracy to divide Ummah by sowing a seed of discord among Muslim countries.

Imran Khan's made the remarks during an exclusive interview with Der Spiegel, a popular German publication.

Khan, 68, during the interview talked about his country's efforts to mediate between the Islamic Republic of Iran and Saudi Arabia, Pakistan's expectations from the next US president, the position of Donald Trump and Joe Biden in the presidential election, peace talks between Kabul and Taliban, anti-Chinese approach of the United States and the situation of the Corona virus in Pakistan.

“When I came to power, I immediately offered to mediate in Yemen. Such a colossal human rights disaster is going on there. I spoke to Iran and then I spoke with Mohammad bin Salman, the crown prince of Saudi Arabia. But you can´t force anybody to agree on peace talks if they don´t want to,” he said.

He warned any military confrontation in the region will be detrimental to the international community, adding it would be devastating for countries all over the world, especially the poor, and the price of oil would shoot up.

Emphasizing that the US President should refrain from promoting hatred and discrimination, the Pakistani Prime Minister called on the incoming US President to pursue a non-partisan policy in the region, instead of fomenting a confrontational approach in the region, especially in promoting xenophobia.

Imran Khan, who was unhappy on Pakistan’s involvement in the US led war on terror after 9/11 and the invasion of Afghanistan, blamed Washington for putting Islamabad in a futile war adding the Pakistani government's was misguided on policy of joining the war.

Referring to the so-called US support in Afghanistan, he said: "General Musharraf's government was under pressure from Washington and y entered the US-led war in Afghanistan."

“Pakistan had nothing to do with the terror attacks on 9/11. Al-Qaida was in Afghanistan. After 9/11, we should not have allowed our army to become involved in the war. I opposed it from day one. The U.S. put pressure on us, and the military dictator Pervez Musharraf succumbed to that pressure,” said the Prime Minister.

** Pakistan will not recognize the Zionist regime

Regarding the normalization of relations with Zionist regime by the UAE and Bahrain, Imran Khan said: "Every country has an independent foreign policy and cares about its people, but the government of Pakistan has no plans to establish relations with Tel Aviv."

He added as for Pakistan, the founder of the nation, Muhammed Ali Jinnah, a brilliant man, spoke in the 1940s about the Palestinian situation as a huge violation of human rights.

“Pakistan still takes this view. Unless there's a just settlement, we cannot recognize Israel,” he noted.

**The politics of xenophobia, America's crude fantasy on the subcontinent

Criticizing the White House's dual approach in South Asia, the Pakistani prime minister said: "The Americans think that by provoking India they can resist China, while this is the raw idea of ​​the White House and they should give up the dream.

"We want a united US approach to dealing with India and at the same time relations with Pakistan, and we believe the White House should not have the impression that it can count on Delhi to contain Beijing," he said.

He accused the government of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi of escalating tensions with neighboring countries, including Pakistan, and suppressing the Muslim community in India, as well as in Kashmir, adding that tensions on the subcontinent could turn into serious confrontations at any time.

**Pakistan is sincerely seeking peace in Afghanistan

Imran Khan to a question said: I am afraid no one can predict which way things will go in Afghanistan right now.

“What I can say is that after Afghanistan, the country that wants peace most is Pakistan. We have lost 70,000 people in this conflict, and our tribal areas adjacent to the Afghan border have been devastated in the last 15 years,” he said.

He went on to say half of the people in these areas have become internally displaced, about 1.5 million of them - victims of the conflict between the Pakistan Taliban and the army. “From day one of my government, we have been fostering dialogue,” said the Prime Minister.

**Biden is a popular figure but Trump is unpredictable

To another question Imran Khan said Joe Biden is in front in the opinion polls, but Donald Trump is very unpredictable, because he's not like normal politicians. He plays by his own rules.


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