US must rebuild all it ruined to gain Iran's confidence: gov't spox says

Tehran, June 8, IRNA – Iran's government spokesman Ali Rabiei said on Monday that Iran's confidence in honesty, seriousness and productivity of negotiations has been shattered so the United States must rebuild all it ruined to correct the situation.

Talking to the press on Monday, he also commented on the offer of the US President Donald Trump to begin talks with Iran as the US presidential election looms. 

He said: "I would like to remind all of the fact that the presidential election in the United States is an internal issue in which Iran seeks no interest. We would decide in line with our own national interests and not taking into consideration the US officials' behavior which is against diplomatic norms, regardless of America's internal matters."

He added: "We see no signs that US president's tweets are true. A true determination by the US government for serious and productive negotiations has signs that cannot be discerned in these remarks. We have previously said that If the US is enthusiastic to talks with Iran, it can return to the negotiating table it has already left, with countries remained in the JCPOA."

Expressing pessimism over Trump's offer of an agreement which he referred to as a political game, Rabiei also said: "The United States knows what the right things are to do to reach proper conditions and develop successful diplomacy with Iran. We have repeatedly announced in the past that we have lost confidence in honesty, seriousness and productivity of negotiations [with the US] and they must rebuild whatever they have ruined to correct the situation."

On the prisoners swap between Iran and the US, government spokesman underlined: "Last week we saw the swap of Iranian prisoners with Americans jailed in Iran because of committed crimes. The good news was that we managed to release three Iranian scientists – Soleymani, Taheri and Asgari – who made a lot of effort to remove obstacles ahead of the country's scientific sphere."

Rabiei expressed hope that all Iranians imprisoned in the United States would be released and stressed: "As we have announced repeatedly, we are completely ready to exchange all prisoners and the US is responsible for any delay."

The official went on to say: "It is up to Mr. Trump's policy when they want to display violence or resistance. We are not afraid of their violence show, nor we care about their window dressing."

He also said that Iran considered the threat to extend UN arms embargo against Iran which is due to expire on October as violation of Security Council resolution 2231, adding that no one has the right to extend the embargo as it would be legally expired on the due date.

Rabiei underlined: "Any attempt by any country to change the timetable in the resolution [2231] would face serious consequences and I announce that the US and its partners should bear the responsibility for consequences."


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