Baeidinejad: London's response to petition seeking removal of anti-Iran sanctions 'quite limited'

London, March 31, IRNA – Iran's Ambassador to UK Hamid Baeidinejad on Tuesday described British government's response to not lifting its sanctions against Iran as 'quite limited' and urged Petitions Committee in the British Parliament to encourage the government to fulfill the essence of the people's demand; stop enforcing sanctions.

He twitted on Tuesday that British government has answered in response to Britons' demand to abandon sanctions against Iran that UK limited sanctions in the field of human rights and exports of special equipment with military applications have no significant impact on fighting coronavirus that to be lifted.

Baeidinejad further noted that public expects the UK government to ignore US cruel sanctions in compliance with the JCPOA as well as its global commitments regarding human rights and support banking financial and trade institutes of the country in entering into legitimate transactions with the Iranian counterparts.   

He clarified that UK Parliament's Petitions Committee which comprises 11 independent representatives and is assigned to supervise implementation of the petition is expected to seriously pursue the righteous demand of the people and encourage the UK government to stop enforcing sanctions against Iran.

UK Foreign Ministry's response published on March 31 in British Parliament's website says that the UK has immediately answered to calls for helping Iran in its anti-coronavirus campaign.

The country along with France and Germany was committed to pay two million euros from the five-million-euro aid package to Iran via World Health Organization and United Nations, it said, noting that remaining sanctions of the UN and EU (also enforced by UK) against Iran pertains to the alleged nuclear weapon building program that the country has no plans to suspend them.

UK Foreign Ministry described the sanctions as purposeful and appropriate that have not remarkable impact on the Iranian officials' capabilities in fighting coronavirus.

Over 14,000 Britons have so far signed a petition urging immediate removal of sanctions hampering anti-coronavirus campaign.

The signatories have reiterated that lifting anti-Iran sanctions is a humanitarian act under the current conditions.

Based on the political procedures, if a petition signed by more than 10,000 people, British government should answer it, and if it exceeds 100,000, it will be debated in the House of Commons.


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