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Lebanese MP hopes fruitfulness of Iran-Saudi Arabia mediation

Beirut, Sept 30 - IRNA - A Lebanese parliamentarian voiced hope that the mediation will work between Saudi Arabia and Iran amid the Saudi political confusion.

Speaking to IRNA, Lebanese parliamentarian Mohammed Khawaja said that we hope that the mediation between Saudi Arabia and Iran will bear fruit, because what "we are witnessing now is the erosion and loss of wealth of Arab and Islamic nations", especially in the Saudi war against Yemen.

Referring to the contradiction of the Saudi position on the demand of mediation on the one hand and making accusation against Iran on the other hand, he said that Saudi Arabia is in confusion and uncertainty and has not succeeded in any case and in addition in cases that are still open and the war against Yemen has turned into a war to destroy this nation and erode the power of the UAE and Saudi Arabia.

The Yemeni army and popular forces are capable of a new equation in self-defense, and the arrival of drones alongside missiles means new equilibrium, especially as Yemenis are able to expand their range of drone strikes because of its technology because it does not require a know-how and weapons factories.

With this explanation, the UAE facilities are also in the range of Ansarullah’s attacks; the one who reached the Aramco refineries could also have the UAE facilities in its range, so we hope that Saudi Arabia and the UAE will return to the right path and end this futile war be which is only for the benefit of Israel and America.

Khawaja also hailed the Islamic Republic of Iran's Hormuz Peace initiative, and underscored, "We hope that Saudi Arabia welcomes this initiative; the positions of other Persian Gulf states are subordinate to Saudi Arabia, in other words their position depends on Saudi Arabia. If Saudi Arabia accepts it, other countries like Kuwait will accept it.

In the case of Iran, it should be borne in mind that the policy of Iran's leaders is based on pragmatism and realism, which means that Turkey as a NATO member has good relations with Israel and with neighboring countries as they are; it also deals with Pakistan, which is a US ally and has no bad relations with Israel.

Countries of the region have no choice but to coexist with Iran

Iran is ready to cooperate with the Persian Gulf states, but these countries, in other words, Saudi Arabia, are not ready for it, while Saudi Arabia's readiness to cooperate means that other Persian Gulf states are ready to cooperate with Iran, he said.

Khawaja emphasized that the countries in this region have no choice but coexistence and cooperation, for example, Germany and France have fought for years, but today the relations between the two countries are in the best shape and in our region, there is no option but cooperation and good relations among regional countries.

He compared the positions of the Islamic Republic of Iran with that of other countries in the region and said that differences between Iran and countries like Saudi Arabia are that these countries have no decision-making power and it is the US that decides for them and allows whether or not to respond to the Iranian peace initiative.

In light of this unprecedented US pressure on Iran, Washington is not expected to allow its allies in the region, especially Saudi Arabia, to agree to a Hormuz peace initiative, a mutual respect-based initiative, Khawaja went on to say.

Elsewhere in his remark, the MP noted that US President Donald Trump said he would not enter a new war, and he was right about it, but the question arises as to why he did not make certain decisions, including the withdrawal of US troops from Syria? In response, one has to see who is preventing him; the US withdrawal from Syria should take into account the Zionist lobby and the weapons producing companies that influence American decision-making, and the team was known as the American Hawk, to prevent the US from leaving Syria.

In another part of the interview, the Lebanese figure highlighted the continued US pressure and sanctions against Iran and stated that Iran has no choice but to resist and endure against these US policies. Iran has chosen its own path; one that rests on the freedom and independence of decision-making as well as support for the Palestinian cause, and it can be said that Iran is paying the cost of supporting the Palestinian cause. If it declares no longer is a supporter of the Palestinian issue and the Palestinian nation, I can say that the United States will have no problem with Iran anywhere.


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