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Rouhani: Initiative of Hormuz Peace serves long-term regional peace

Tehran, Sept 23, IRNA – Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said on Monday that the initiative of Coalition for Hope and Hormuz Peace Iran will raise with the UN General Assembly this year serves long-term regional peace, adding that the initiative will be materialized by collective cooperation of the Persian Gulf states.

Speaking before departing Iran for New York to attend the 74th Session of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA), Rouhani said that the annual session of UNGA will be a suitable opportunity for nations and also Iranian great nation to declare their views.  

The meeting is an opportunity to elaborate on unfair and cruel measures which are being imposed on Iranian people and also the complicated and difficult issues the world is facing with, he added.  

Stressing the importance of UNGA session, he said we felt that the US Administration does not like to see Iranian delegation to present views to the General Assembly and hold interviews.

Rouhani urged the US officials to make clear whether they are afraid of declaring what is right or they don’t like the public opinion manipulated by them to be enlightened.

He noted when the US Administration are not willing to see the Iranian delegation to be present at UN General Assembly, we should insist on our rights.

We are attending the UNGA session under a condition that the US Administration has pushed the sanctions to a level that, according to their own confession, there is nothing left to be sanctioned.

It is clear that sanctions and the US strategy of maximum pressure on Iran have lead to nowhere and Iranians resisted to them. It means that we are capable of standing up to such maximum pressure.

Rouhani cited to the US intervention in the region, saying that what is going on in the region, indicates the US is pursuing other goals.

It seems that the Americans intend to conquer the entire region – though they say they are bringing air defense systems.

It is clear that they want to take control of all the oil of the eastern Saudi Arabia.

Rouhani said that the Hormuz Peace Initiative Iran will raise with the UN General Assembly is not just political, but it deals with economic and other issues as well.

He added that all states in the Persian Gulf and the Strait of Hormuz are invited to join Iranian Initiative to help safeguard the region.

Due to the fact that the Initiative has not yet been disclosed, reactions are not clear, Rouhani said adding that US officials said they want to see what the Initiative would be. 

Iran is seeking long-term peace and is ready to attend a joint forum with the UN to advance dialogue, he reiterated.

Tehran believes that solution to regional issues will be from inside the region and those who come from the outside will not be able to bring security and peace, he said, referring to US presence in the region since 2001 and their failure to create security.

He said that Joint Commission of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action will be held in New York in presence of P4+1.

Rouhani said that he was pleased to see that the US is for the first time in the history of its animosity with Iran is isolated and other countries except for two or three small states are opposing the US acts.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Iranian President described Aramco incident as the outcome of Aggression of the Saudi Arabia, UAE, Israel and the US on Yemen.

Rouhani said that Iran will explain its JCPOA commitments since the US has not been successful to lobby against Iran in the International Atomic Energy Agency and in any other body.

Rouhani noted that based on the agenda, he will have a meeting with leaders of 15 countries during his three-day stay in New York.


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