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Iran's Kandovan; Brisk life in the heart of rocks
Iran's Kandovan

Tabriz, IRNA – Kandovan village is one of the most beautiful and unique tourist attractions in East Azarbaijan province, which is famous for its houses built in the form of a honeycomb in the heart of rocky cliffs.

Kandovan as a rocky village has evolved over time due to the lava and meltwater caused by the volcanic interactions of the Sahand Mountains, wind, rain and snow and, of course, human intervention.

Many choose to travel to Cappadocia Turkey to enjoy the beautiful architecture there, unaware that the village of Kandovan in Iran has the same architecture with the character and excellence of the people living in it, but in Cappadocia Turkey this village is merely a tourist attraction, Become local haunted.

Some archaeologists attribute this village to pre-Islamic times. Since rock architecture does not include building materials such as gypsum, lime, clay, and the space created by engraving within the stone, this style of architecture is an example of the human nature's struggle with the acquisition of natural rocks.

Contrary to the imagination, these rocky houses, like ordinary homes, have different sections such as living room, living room, kitchen and even have water and electricity plumbing. The walls of these interesting houses are about 2 meters in diameter, so the interior is naturally warm in winter and cool in summer.

It is interesting to note that most of these rock masses are about 2 meters high and most of these boundaries are composed of two to four stories, but due to the rock structure, the boundaries of these strata are independent from each other and have no interconnection.

Hence, beautiful stairs from the body itself are provided to access the upper floors of the bounds. The ground floor is usually used as stables and other floors have residential uses. Due to the large diameter of the bounds, it is very difficult to get skylights in the lower floors, which is why the skylights and windows are on the upper floors. The windows and skylights are plastered in wood and glass.

Situated in the Sahand Mountains, Kandovan is a very good climate and there are many lush lands and pastures around it, so the nomads choose it as their place of residence. In addition to the nomads, for us who are looking for a cool place in the summer heat and at the same time caring about the attractions of the place, Kandovan can be a good idea.

In order to get to Kandovan,  you have to move from Tabriz to Osku City. Then go south to the town of Osku to reach the village by passing the town of Esfanjan and Kohnamo village. The distance from Tabriz to Osku is about 30 km and Osku to Kandovan is about 18 km.


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