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Iran -US and full-scale war in economy battlefield

Tehran, July 6, - IRNA - Iran is facing war conditions, due to unprecedented sanctions and despite the calm in the country; it is a war with the greatest military and economic power in the world. That is why the Foreign Minister has stated that sanctions are not a substitute for war, but war itself.

All the evidence and stances of the officials of the Islamic Republic and the leaders of the White House indicate the domination of war conditions in the relations between Iran and the United States.

On May 1, Supreme Leader of the Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei in a meeting with teachers and educators stated that the enemy has economically taken war arrangement, politically has taken war arrangement, apparently, it has not taken military arrangement, which, of course, our military personnel are vigilant. "As I have said", in terms of cyberspace, the enemy has taken war arrangement. In the face of this enemy who has taken war arrangement against the Iranian nation, the Iranian nation must take the right arrangement, it must prepare itself in all sectors, the leader added. 

The president and other senior officials of the Islamic Republic have repeatedly described the current state of the country. Ten days after these remarks by the Supreme Leader, President Hassan Rouhani in a meeting with a group of political activists, said we are in a difficult situation, and added that the current sanctions are greater than the Iran-Iraq war.

According to the president, today "we cannot say that the conditions are better or worse from the imposed war period but during the war we did not have the problem of the bank", oil sales and imports and exports, and our only sanction was a sanction of arms purchases.

Many observers describe the current state of affairs in the country that Iran is actually paying the cost of war due to the unprecedented sanctions and confrontation with the world's self-declared hegemony.

Despite the denial of Donald Trump's government officials, the sanctions have effectively and directly targeted the people of Iran, from the state of business, employment and livelihoods to medication and treatment.

Despite the commitment to nuclear obligations and the legitimacy of international action, the Islamic Republic of Iran faced a break of promise by US' withdrawal from the JCPOA. Subsequently, Trump’s illusion to reach a similar agreement Obama concluded four years ago, led to a series of sanctions against to drive Tehran to the negotiating table.

In the situation where other members of the nuclear deal, especially Europeans are claiming to secure a nuclear accord and fulfilling their commitments did not fulfill their obligations, Trump pinned the military threats to the sanctions by Washington's radicals, as well as Zionist and Saudi partners.

Trump’s sanctions have targeted the root of Iranian economy and the arteries of the people's lives, and the Americans have publicly announced that they intend to collapse Iran's economic structure and bankruptcy, in a world in which the economy is first and foremost, and the motivation for many political, diplomatic and sometimes military-security moves is maximizing economic benefits.

In the views of many analysts, Trump is waiting the sanctions regime yelled the desired output in the advanced economic war and Iran is ultimately surrendered. He simultaneously and successively showcases a prosperous future to Iranians and says that if Tehran managed to negotiate, Iran will move towards economic glory and economic power and its people’s situation will change.

However, there are three fundamental facts about Trump; firstly, he urgently needs negotiation, and the passage of time and approaching the presidential election without success in Iran's case will be a serious blow to his foreign policy record. Secondly, he is extremely optimistic about the impact of the economic war, and at the same time, due to his claims and slogans, he is seriously averse to a military confrontation and a war with a completely unknown fate in the Middle East.

The third fact is derived from his frequent meetings with the North Korean leader, the war of tariffs with China, and even relations with Arab and European partners is that Trump, in the case of entering the negotiation, is not willing to give concessions and, like the North Korean pattern, merely wants negotiations for political and promotional use. In addition, the officials of the Islamic Republic have stated that the negotiation under pressure and threat is basically meaningless and there is no guarantee of reconciliation with the most unreliable government in the White House.”


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