Jan 29, 2018, 6:48 PM
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US disintegrating social fabric

Tehran, Jan 29, IRNA – The American society, overwhelmed with despair, rage, and anxiety, is heading towards a nosedive collapse, thus argues an American writer and editor.

In his recent article titled 'Underestimating American Collapse' published by the American Conservative, Rod Dreher warns against the 'sickness infecting the American life'.

The senior editor and blogger of the American Conservative bi-monthly journal, bases his argument on a short essay' by Umair Haque, a futurist and Director of the London-based Havas Media Lab.

In his essay, Dreher says, Haque names five instances of what he describes as the social pathologies of collapse in the US.

'Let me give you just five examples of what I’ll call the social pathologies of collapse - strange, weird, and gruesome new diseases, not just ones we don’t usually see in healthy societies, but ones that we have never really seen before in any modern society,' he says, citing the essay.

According to Haque, he says, regular shootings constitute a unique feature of American collapse.

'It just doesn’t happen in any other country — and that is what I mean by “social pathologies of collapse”: a new, bizarre, terrible disease striking society,' he says, quoting the essay by Haque.

The “opioid epidemic” - mass self-medication with the hardest of hard drugs - is another social pathology of collapse in the United States, Dreher says, quoting the article.

Furthermore, Dreher believes the loss of family and community is another evidence showing the American society moving towards a collapse.

The senior editor of the American Conservative Magazine maintains that by watching pornographic contents the American people just go further down the abyss of social deterioration.

An incoming missile alert issued at 8:07 a.m. local time in Hawaii on January 13, 2018, prompted many on the island to check the Internet for further news. But at 8:45 a.m. and following the release of the false alarm statement, there was a shift in the pageview trends with an average of +48 percent of Hawaiians turning to watching pornography.

'We are a sick, sick society,' Dreher says.

But he stresses that the epidemic of loneliness, and its dramatic rise among young Americans are yet another social pathology of collapse in the US.

'Loneliness is rising. Suicide rates in the most forgotten places are spiking. This is a kind of invisible, fiery, self-made catastrophe of human possibility - as though a meteor of despair has struck the planet - so much so that I will wager that you do not see it as anything resembling one,' he says, citing an earlier article by Haque.

With social bonds breaking down in the United States, loneliness will drive people - especially young people - into the arms of the fringe right, the fascists, the authoritarians, he stresses.


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