Jul 11, 2017, 1:01 PM
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Iranian inventor merited in US INPEX 2017

Jul 11, 2017, 1:01 PM
News ID: 82594622
Iranian inventor merited in US INPEX 2017

Tehran, July 11, IRNA – An Iranian inventor won the Merit Award and the Gold Medal Award of Merit at INPEX 2017 showcase in Pittsburgh, the US among 800 participants from 40 countries.

The award has been presented to Khalil Nazari for invention of HL herbal glue, which can replace oil mulch and help with solving the problem of urban haze.

INPEX is America's Largest Invention Trade Show that is held every year. INPEX show offers a distinct venue where inventors can exhibit their inventions and try to meet up with companies interested in licensing, marketing or manufacturing new product ideas. The trade show also hosts contests for domestic and international inventors from more than 40 categories.

The INPEX 2017 was held on June 13-15, 2017 at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center in Pittsburgh, US.

Nazari told IRNA on Saturday that HL herbal glue is a plant-based material which is an environment-friendly replacement for oil mulch to solve the problem of particle pollution.

“Oil mulch is made of waste oil in fractionating column. It covers the sand dunes like a flexible film and temporarily stabilizes them. However, in addition to being valuable and expensive, oil mulch reeks and raises the regional heat, and consequently, makes the wind hot and odorous. It also destroys the region’s animal and plant life,” added Nazari.

The Tabriz-based chemistry specialist said that the new invention is plant-based, odorless, colorless, and non-flammable. It doesn’t pollute the subterranean waters and when being applied, it is cool so it doesn’t hurt the environment and insects, so it can serve as a substitute for the oil-based mulch.

Other Iranians winning 2017 INPEX Merit Awards are:
• Ali Sabbaghkashani, Mehdi Bashiri Ghotourlar & Narges Bakhtiari for Smart Radiology Bed;
• Arman Yousefian for the Nano Filter Installed on the Bottle of Mineral Water;

• Asghar Asadi, Vandad Dehghan, Mohammad Zabihi & Alireza Zare Kelaki for Airplane Stop via Magnetic Force;

• Davoud Beheshitzadeh for the Light concrete Resin Panels for Internal and External Walls;

• Mehdi Bashiri Ghotourlar for Intelligent Toothbrush with the Ability to Remove Most Amounts of Plaque;

• Melika Mohammadsalehi for Intelligent Eyeglasses;

• Parham MAROUFI & Tala Pourlak for Controllable Tibia Lengthening (PARHAM Nail);
• Sayed Alireza Moosavi & Pooya Molana for A New Formula For Preparing Mayonnaise Sauce;

• Sima Akbariyeh for Flavored Bread, an Innovative Solution to Prevent Osteoporosis;

• Sourena Mardanpour & Mohammadreza Shayegh for Mobility Aid Orthopedic; and

• Otaredian Company for Safe Place in Structures Resistant Against Earthquake & Impact