Aug 23, 2014, 9:43 AM
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Ardebil's splendid natural beauty

Tehran, Aug 23, IRNA - Ardebil province in northwest Iran is a top destination for many travelers in summer because of its favorable cool weather.

Ardebil, as a place with natural wonders and historical monuments, boasts many attractions. It has over 100 mineral water springs, 'Iran Daily' wrote on Saturday.

The mausoleums of Sheikh Safieddin Ardebili and Sheikh Kalkhoran are symbols of Islamic-Iranian architecture.

Sheikh Safieddin Mausoleum is located near Ardebil’s Aali-Qapu Square. It also includes a mosque, library and school.

The mausoleum is a building with Islamic architecture.

Sheikh Kalkhoran Mausoleum belongs to Aminoddin Jebreil, father of Sheikh Safieddin Es’haq, the ancestor of Safavid kings. It is located in Kalkhoran Village in Ardebil.

Fandoqlou Forest

Fandoqlou Forest is located 10 km southeast of Namin. It is the largest hazelnut hub of the country and annually hosts tens of thousands of visitors.

Neor Lake

The slopes of Baghru Heights, 35 km off southeast Ardebil, have embraced a beautiful lake named Neor.

Neor Lake, which is located 2,500 meters above sea level, has a unique biodiversity.

Shorabil Lake

Shorabil Lake boasts healing minerals and a picturesque landscape. It is a sightseeing site and the main habitat for migratory birds.

Sabalan Heights

Sabalan, with a height of 4,811 meters, is the third highest summit of Iran. It is an inactive volcano. There is a small lake on top of the summit. Sablan also boasts of Alvares Ski Resort.

Andebil Village

Andebil Village is located near Khalkhal, Ardebil province. Andebil ski resort is located in northeast Khalkhal. Several winter sports festivals have been held there in recent years.


Sareyn is located 25 km from the city of Ardebil on the slopes of Sabalan Heights. It is considered one of the top 10 tourism hubs of Iran. Sarein hosts a majority of Ardebil’s tourists.


Ardebil is well known for its carpets, honey, sweets, roasted sunflower seeds, felt products, woodworks and earthenware. Its traditional food is Aash-e Doogh (a sour yoghurt soup with chickpeas and vegetables).


Ardebil’s tourism industry faces problems such as lack of proper roads, shortage of tour guides and poor tourist facilities near mineral water springs.

Based on official figures, over half of Ardebil’s wetlands are on the verge of destruction.

According to Ardebil’s Department of Environment, 46 wetlands across the province are facing ruin. The habitats of wildlife species are exposed to threats due to poaching, unbridled exploitation and illegal constructions.

Shafi’ Shafiei, a senior official of Ardebil Governor General’s Office, said administrative bodies cannot solely preserve the region’s environment, wildlife and plant species.

“They need the help of non-governmental organizations and local communities in this regard,” he said.