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Yemen releases confessions of spies working for US, Israeli intelligence

Tehran, IRNA – Yemeni security bodies have released confessions of spies who had worked with US and Israeli intelligence agencies to infiltrate and carry out acts of sabotage in the Arab country.

The bodies released the confessions on Saturday, saying that the spying team had committed hostile acts against Yemeni economic institutions including banks, the planning and budget ministry as well as the ministries of economy, energy, transport, and mines.

Yemen’s Central Bank as well as oil companies and tax affairs organization were other targets of the spying mission, according to confessions by one of the agents.

“We were on a mission to create a network of public relations in ministries and economic institutions, with the aim of accessing information”, the agent said.

“The US asked us to collect information about oil, gas and mines sectors of Yemen. They made efforts so that their companies can enter Yemen, especially in the sectors of oil, mines and electricity.”

“I was in charge of relations with businessmen, connecting them with the US embassy and holding meetings for them”, the agent said, adding that Washington aimed to pour American goods into Yemen.

Nearly two weeks ago, Yemen announced the arrest of a spy network linked to the CIA and the Israeli regime, who had been operating under the cover of international organizations following the suspension of US embassy activities in Yemen in 2015.

The Yemeni government said that the network had been carrying out “espionage” activities in the Arab country for years.


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