May 18, 2024, 8:45 PM
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Thousands march in London in solidarity with Gaza

May 18, 2024, 8:45 PM
News ID: 85481447
Thousands march in London in solidarity with Gaza

London, IRNA - Thousands of pro-Palestinian protesters took to the streets of central London on Saturday to mark the 76th anniversary of the occupation of Palestine, known as the Nakba Day, and demanded an immediate cessation of Israeli atrocities in the Gaza Strip.

The protesters swarmed the streets of London for the 31st consecutive week since the start of the war on Gaza to condemn the Zionist regime's genocide in the besieged enclave and express solidarity with the oppressed Palestinian people, IRNA's correspondent in London reported.

The participants, of different nationalities and religions, first gathered in front of the BBC headquarters to denounce the network's biased reports in favor of the Zionist regime and then marched towards the Prime Minister's office on 10 Downing Street.

They carried Palestinian flags, and placards with slogans calling for an end to the war in Gaza and preventing another Nakba.

The Day of Nakba, or catastrophe, commemorates the occupation of Palestinian lands and the displacement of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians by Zionist groups in 1948.

Husam Zomlot, the Palestinian ambassador to the United Kingdom, said in a speech during the march that another Nakba is unfolding before the eyes of the international community.

He said that the Zionist regime has bombed Gaza, carried out a genocide, and imposed famine on the residents of the enclave.

Zomlot added that the countries that remained silent on the Nakba of 1948 are also silent in the face of the genocide of the Palestinians in Gaza today.

The march in London, like the protests of the past seven months, was organized with the support of the Stop the War Coalition, Friends of Al-Aqsa, the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, and several other human rights and Islamic organizations.


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