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‘Iran’s punitive action disastrous for Israel's reputation’

Moscow, IRNA - Timofey Bordachev, Program Director of the Valdai Discussion Club, a Moscow-based think tank in a Vzglyad newspaper column entitled “Iran shows the lessons of survival” has highlighted recent developments in the region, including Iran's response to the Israeli regime over its deadly airstrike on the Islamic Republic's diplomatic mission in Syria.

The Iranians really did something new, they launched a massive attack on Israel from their own soil. This is something Tel Aviv had not experienced in its relations with other countries since the early 1970s and the impact was completely new, Bordachev pointed.

The degree of success in dealing with Iran's drones and missiles has no importance against the political importance of the event, he said.

Americans and their allies intercepted the majority of missiles and drones but this had disastrous consequences for Israel's reputation as a powerful military force, he underlined.

Bordachev who is attached with several forums, including the Center for Comprehensive European and International Studies also highlighted other recent achievements of Iran.

“Joining BRICS was in the interest of Iran, that too at a time that the group sought to gain more popularity in the world in the backdrop of the decline of the West's authority”, he said.

The Russian expert noted that Iran understands that BRICS is not a military alliance or a solid international structure and therefore it is looking for solutions together with other members to create a new infrastructure for free trade and investment.

In the column, Bordachev touched on other aspects of Iran’s standing in regional and global arenas.  

Tehran itself has a very strong experience in creating policies and economic relations, which is invulnerable to the pressure of the West, he said, adding that Iranians do not sacrifice their interests as they have paid a heavy price for their independence.

The program director of the Valdai Discussion Club continued his note by saying that Iran is considered one of the exemplary powers in the new world order, where there is no place for the privileged position of some and the weak position of other governments.

The constant state of struggle, like in ancient history, has created a firm belief among Iranian elites that any interaction with foreign partners can only be based on a clear understanding of bilateral benefits, the Russian expert said.

Unlike some of its neighbors, Iran has proven in practice that it is faithful to its promise and does not deviate from the framework of previous agreements, but at the same time, it should be noted that Iranians are not willing to sacrifice their interests, he added.


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