Iran's Islamic Revolution initiated global transformation: Russia envoy

Moscow, IRNA- The Islamic Revolution of Iran was the first revolution in the world that advocated independence from the existing world order, initiating the trend towards a multipolar system, Iran's ambassador to Russia has said.

Kazem Jalali made the remarks on Monday during the opening ceremony of an international conference in Moscow called 45 Years of the Islamic Republic of Iran. The event was held at the Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences, attended by Iranian and Eastern studies scholars from Russia.

"Following the Islamic Revolution, a significant tremor occurred in the world, leading to measures to counter the global power structure," the ambassador said.

"To be more precise, what is happening in the world, aimed at weakening the central power hegemony of the United States, originated from the Islamic Revolution of Iran," he said, referring to the growing international resistance to the US-led world order.

"Today, many countries are following this path, the reason for which is the ugly nature of American hegemony in the world," he added.

Iran's Islamic Revolution initiated global transformation: Russia envoy

Jalali pointed out that the American idea of managing global affairs is based on "creating crises" in various regions of the world.

Addressing the Russian scholars present at the conference, he said Moscow, for instance, was not seeking to go to war with Ukraine, but the "ugly" policies of the West and the US "created this crisis".

The Iranian ambassador considered the conference "an important step to better understand each other, especially in the current conditions where the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Russian Federation have common approaches in many areas".

Relations between Tehran and Moscow are strengthening and the two sides are actively taking steps to further bolster their ties in keeping with the will of the Iranian and Russian leaders, Jalali said.


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