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Int’l inaction, Israel aggression threaten regional security: Iran envoy

London, IRNA – Iran’s Ambassador to Rome has warned that the aggressive actions by the Israeli regime coupled with the international organizations’ inability to de-escalate the tensions in the region have created a fear of an unpredictable future.

In an interview with Italian TV channel TG3, Mohammad-Reza Sabouri discussed various issues such as the recent development in the West Asia region as well as the repercussions of the Israeli regime’s airstrike on the Iranian consulate in Syria and Iran’s response.

The ambassador argued that the Israeli attack on Iran’s consular section in Damascus, Syria, is a violation of all international regulations and principles, and every country that comes under attack by an enemy will decide based on its military tactics how to respond to that strike.

He added that if the Israeli regime seeks to respond to Iran’s retaliatory attack, the Iranians’ response will be harsher than before, which will make the regime regret it.

The ambassador also condemned the Western states for resorting to double standards when it comes to the Israeli regime, noting that such behavior will allow the regime to continue its atrocities and kill Palestinian people as well as drag other regional nations into conflicts that create uncertainty.

Asked about the future political system in Palestine, he argued that a referendum throughout the occupied territories, including all original people of the land such as Muslims, Christians, and Jews, can pave the way for a future establishment.

On Iran’s nuclear program, he stipulated that the Islamic Republic’s actions are supervised by the inspectors of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and that they have not reported any violation by Iran.


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