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Israeli strike on Iranian embassy in Syria damaged nearby Canadian mission

Tehran, IRNA- A Canadian Foreign Ministry official has revealed that the country’s embassy sustained damage during the recent Israeli attack on the consular section of the Iranian embassy in Damascus.

IRNA cited the CBC news channel that quoted the official on the condition of anonymity on Tuesday night that some of the windows of the Canadian embassy building were also broken and authorities have not yet been able to assess the structural damage.

The blast that destroyed the Iranian consular annex next door would have sent a powerful shockwave through the foundations of adjacent structures.

According to CBC, Canadian government officials are silent about the damage to the country's embassy in Damascus and refrain from making any public comments about it.

On the other hand, the Canadian Foreign Ministry has also declined to answer questions about whether the Israeli regime had warned Ottawa in advance about the strike on the Iranian Embassy or whether Israel checked with Canada to ensure that no Canadian personnel were on site when the airstrike occurred.

The Canadian embassy ceased operations in 2012 after the foreign-backed insurgency gripped Syria but the building remains the property of Canada and diplomats and other personnel have entered Syria on several occasions since the embassy’s closure.

The Israeli regime targeted the Iranian diplomatic mission on April 1, killing 7 Iranian military advisors to Syria, including two senior members of Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guard Corps. 

Iranian Ambassador to Syria Hossein Akbari said that Israeli F-35 aircraft fired six missiles at the building.

Following the terrorist act of the Zionist regime, many countries around the world strongly condemned the attack on the diplomatic mission as violation of international law and Vienna conventions. Iran also pledged to avenge the attack at an appropriate time.


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